About the Veterans Time Trial Association

The VTTA is a National body managed by the National Executive Committee and administered through 16 Regional Groups. The groups are managed by their own elected bodies and are responsible for providing a programme of time trials and social events, collecting subscriptions and other fees, keeping a record of medal claimants and all aspects relating to members of their group. The groups are autonomous within the rules of the National Body.

The VTTA was established in 1943 by E H Strevens, with the aim of providing the older racing cyclist with realistic competition so they would be encouraged to continue in the sport after their abilities had started to decline. Strevens devised a set of Standards in tabular form, which provide individuals with an unending challenge, thereby providing motivation for continuous competition within the sport. The Standards, which are either times for set distances, or distances for set times begin at the age of 40 and become more generous with each passing year. Standards for women are similar to those for men but there is a phased shift to reflect physiological differences. More details are on the Standards page.