Guidance Note

Entry forms and field selection

For riders: Guidance on completing the open event entry form:

  1. State your best plus (or minus) under the old standard in the last three seasons and the age it was achieved. Note: In oversubscribed VTTA events the organiser will select the field on the basis of the rider's best plus (or minus) under the NEW standard.  If you record a best plus (or minus) under the old standard the organiser will do the necessary conversion to the new standard.
  2. If however you determine your best new standard plus has in fact been achieved in a 2012  event then enter your new standard plus and mark clearly on the entry form that this is a current season and new standard plus (or minus).
  3. The ’current standard time’ should be the new standard time for your age?.

For organisers: Guidance on field selection for VTTA events

  1. This guidance applies only to VTTA events which are designated as having special entry conditions for field selection.  If such an event is oversubscribed the field should be selected on the basis of the rider's best plus at the relevant distance in the current and past three seasons.
  2. It is important that field selection is based on fair and consistent grounds.  So the best plus used for field selection should be based on the NEW standard.
  3. Where a rider's declared best plus has been based on the old standard organisers should convert this to the new standard for the purpose of field selection.
  4. If it is not clear from the entry form which version of the standard has been used for the best plus organisers may calculate a best plus from the rider's best time during the current and past three seasons.

Note i: The change in the standards, with effect from 2012, has created a situation where a rider's declared best plus could be based on either the old or new standards.  Riders will be asked to state on their entry form if their best plus is stated under the new standard.  However, it should be recognised that not all riders will comply with that guidance.  Rather than take a "hard line" on people who do not comply with the guidance, it will help ease the transition to the new standards if a suitable alternative is used.  Under point 4, above, the plus can be calculated from the best time - this should give a good enough guide to the rider's ability.

Note ii: Assistance for event organisers over field selection will be provided by in the form of: