Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to the Standards Medals?
The Standards medals have been replaced by the new Performance Award as agreed at the AGM in February 2013.
What has happened to the Standards?
The Standards continue to be used but only for competition results. You will still get a 'plus' time at a Veterans' time trial. However, personal achievements are now recongised using the Performance Awards.
Do I need to register my intention to attempt to achieve a Performance Award?
Yes. See below for details of registering your intentions.
Do I need to make a claim if I successfully achieve my performance target?
Yes. See below for how to claim either your medal(s) or a plaque (if you have achieved at least four medals this year).
As this is the first year, what's my performance target?
If you claimed an Individual Standard Award for a particular distance in 2012, your target is the time you did for that event (not the plus) added to the allowance: 10 secs if you are aged 40-64 or 15 secs if you are 65 or over. This is the time you have to beat during this season in order to claim a Performance Award.
But I didn't claim a standard at that distance last year...
If you did not claim an individual Standard Award for a particular distance in 2012 you start afresh and enter NEW TARGET on the registration form.

Registering for Performance Awards

If you are planning to make an attempt to achieve a Performance Award, you must give notice direct to the Group Recorder using the Performance Awards Targets Form.

The form, accompanied by the appropriate fee, must be recieved by the Group Recorder at least two days before the start of the event that you will use to claim the Performance Award if successfully achieved.

Performance Awards Targets Form

See the Group Section to find the contact details for each group's Recorder.

Claiming Performance Awards

Your claims for Performance Awards must be submitted on the Performance Awards Claims Form to the Group Recorder at the end of the racing season or not later than 31st October.

You may only submit a claim for one award at each distance during any one year, but there is no limit to the number of attempts that you may make.

For each Performance Award you achieve, you will receive an engraved VTTA Performance Award medal. However, if you have achieved more than four Performance Awards in a single year then you may elect to receive a plaque in lieu of the medals by indicating your preference on the Claims Form.

Performance Awards Claims Form

See the Group Section to find the contact details for each group's Recorder.

VTTA - Performance Awards


Update from 2014 Annual General Meeting

The delegates attending the 2014 Annual General Meeting on 1st February carried a proposition that withdraws the performance awards. They will be replaced for the 2014 season with awards based on the Standards Tables. Details are available on the Standard Awards page.

The 2012 Season saw the introduction of the revised Standards Tables which were produced by the Standards Working Party in an attempt to provide a level playing field for all our members. We all know that the old ‘Standards’ had fallen into disrepute as they gave the older riders such an advantage that, for example, a younger member, or a woman, would have to beat competition record by a huge amount to have any hope of gaining a high place in a national championship event.

After a great deal of analysis the new tables were produced and 2012 saw championships won by the best riders. No longer did the good oldies have it all their way, younger members featured high in the results as well and that can only be good for the sport.

However, the ‘New Standards’, whilst being excellent for determining the winners of events, are not very good for members who have by tradition sought to beat their ‘Standards’ on a regular basis. The new tables now reflect, pretty accurately, how performance declines with age and as such it will be almost impossible for members to achieve regularly their ‘Standards’ as they once did. This problem was identified by the working party but as everyone started from scratch in 2012 it had no effect on Standards Claims in that year, although the problem did need to be addressed for subsequent seasons.

At this year's AGM, a proposal from the North Lancs and Lakes Group was accepted and this separates the traditional ‘Standards’ claims from overall ‘Competition Results’. In order to avoid any confusion, the proposal replaced the term ‘Standard Claims’ with a new description called ‘Performance Awards’. This is important as ‘Standards’ are used to determine the results of competition whilst ‘Performance Awards’ reward individuals for their actual performance during a season.

So how will it work?

The procedure is very similar to the old system in that members will register their intent to claim an award just as they did before, but this time they will know exactly what time or distance they will have to beat in order to claim. There will be no ‘Plusses’ or ‘Minuses’ to worry about, just an actual time or distance to beat. The time or distance will, as before, be based on previous claims and riders will get an allowance each year to cater for their decline with age. The allowance will be simple and be the same each year from the age of 40 to 64 and a slightly increased allowance from the age of 65. The allowances for each event will be greater than the decline indicated by the ‘New Standards’, but they will not be quite as generous as the old. It would be best to give an example.

Assume a male rider aged 56 made a claim last year and he completed a 25 in 1:09:30.

He would enter this time on the form which he would complete to register his intentions with his Group Recorder. He would then add to this time the annual allowance (which in this case would be 25 seconds) to produce a Target Time for the coming season,. i.e. 1:09:30 plus 25 seconds gives 1:09:55; if he beats that target he can claim his Performance Award medal. It is that simple. There are no Plusses to worry about and no complicated tables to consult.

If he fails to beat his Target Time then the next season he adds another 25 seconds to give a Target Time of 1:10:20

Performance Awards (PAs) are just like the old Standards only easier to understand and everyone, even riders who could not previously beat a standard, can claim. Every member is included. These new PAs are so simple, you don't have to worry about birthdays during mid season; you simply carry your age on 1st January for the whole year, just as a Junior does who turns 18 during a year continues as a junior to the end of season. There are no Plusses or Minuses, just actual times.

The allowances for each distance are shown on the registration form and filling in the form should take no longer than a couple of minutes. Once a rider has registered for PAs, he/she will know exactly what has to be done at each distance to claim a medal (or plaque).

Gaining PAs will be demanding but achievable and will provide all members with an incentive to continue riding.