Kent Group Records - 10 Mile - Men - Solo Bicycle - Time Trial

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10 Mile50K TyeDatateam Allstars201219:20
10 Mile53R Keeble34 Nomads CC199920:24
10 Mile54R ManserSan Fairy Ann CC198820:58
10 Mile55P CroftsSouthborough & District Wheelers199320:58
10 Mile59R ManserSan Fairy Ann CC199321:18
10 Mile61R ManserSan Fairy Ann CC199521:27
10 Mile62R ManserSan Fairy Ann CC199621:34
10 Mile72Peter CroftsSouthborough & District Wheelers201021:35
10 Mile73Peter CroftsSouthborough & District Wheelers201122:17
10 Mile74Peter CroftsSouthborough & District Wheelers201222:30
10 Mile75L BroadSan Fairy Ann CC201025:49
10 Mile76A DwyerOval CC199026:19
10 Mile77A DwyerOval CC199126:25
10 Mile78A DwyerOval CC199227:31
10 Mile79A DwyerOval CC199328:42
10 Mile80A DwyerOval CC199429:08
10 Mile84A DwyerOval CC199829:12
10 Mile85A Dwyer34 Nomads CC199929:34
10 Mile86A Dwyer34 Nomads CC200030:09
10 Mile87A Dwyer34 Nomads CC200131:04
10 Mile88A Dwyer34 Nomads CC200232:05