Manchester & NW Group Records - 10 Mile - Men - Solo Bicycle - Time Trial

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10 Mile42Darren Maironis201518:45
10 Mile44Barry Charlton201019:35
10 Mile45Ian Holbrook201419:41
10 Mile59Roger Wrenn200320:23
10 Mile61Roger Wrenn200520:54
10 Mile62Roger Wrenn200621:04
10 Mile69Tony Farrell201421:23
10 Mile71Roger Wrenn201521:26
10 Mile78Ken Biddulph199723:26
10 Mile79Derek Hodgins201324:28
10 Mile80Derek Hodgins201425:29
10 Mile81Jack Brownhill199325:36
10 Mile86Jack Brownhill199827:14
10 Mile87Jack Brownhill199928:55
10 Mile88Jack Brownhill200029:06
10 Mile91Jack Brownhill200329:43