North Lancashire & Lakes Group Records - 10 Mile - Men - Solo Bicycle - Time Trial

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10 Mile49Mike Ellerton19:31
10 Mile51Mike Ellerton19:48
10 Mile52Mike Ellerton20:06
10 Mile53Mick EllertonTeam Swift201420:09
10 Mile62Mike Westmorland20:57
10 Mile65Mick Black21:24
10 Mile69Frank Kerry21:45
10 Mile70Dave Brown22:08
10 Mile71Frank Kerry22:16
10 Mile72Frank Kerry22:23
10 Mile73Frank Kerry22:30
10 Mile74Frank Kerry22:39
10 Mile76Frank Kerry22:48
10 Mile77Jim Harrison200924:47
10 Mile78Jim Harrison26:00
10 Mile80Jim Harrison26:29
10 Mile83Jack Mellis29:53