Scotland Group Records - 10 Mile - Men - Solo Bicycle - Time Trial

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10 Mile42Iain Grantwww.dooleys.com201419:40
10 Mile44Iain GrantFullaron Wheelers201519:58
10 Mile48Jim CusickGlasgow Couriers201320:23
10 Mile51David MillarVC Astar199720:39
10 Mile54Steve NutleySandy Wallace Cycles201020:52
10 Mile55Steve NutleySandy Wallace Cycles201121:11
10 Mile66David MillarGlasgow Gouriers201221:16
10 Mile68David MillarGlasgow Gouriers201421:41
10 Mile69Robert MillarSVTTA201521:57
10 Mile71Derek StewartDeeside Thistle CC200822:43
10 Mile75Derek StewartDeeside Thistle CC201223:14
10 Mile76Derek StewartDeeside Thistle CC201223:43
10 Mile78Derek StewartDeeside Thistle CC201424:06
10 Mile79Derek StewartDeeside Thistle CC201525:06
10 Mile80Jackie BarbourRoyal Albert CC200326:52
10 Mile81Willie CuthbertInverclyde Velo200727:42
10 Mile82Alex MunroLancashire Wheelers201528:47
10 Mile83Willie CuthbertGlasgow Wheelers200929:35