Surrey/Sussex Group Records - 10 Mile - Men - Solo Bicycle - Time Trial

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10 Mile57Paul Fox200520:05
10 Mile58Paul Fox200721:07
10 Mile61Harry Featherstone199421:13
10 Mile64Harry Featherstone199721:43
10 Mile65Harry Featherstone199822:07
10 Mile67Harry Featherstone200022:15
10 Mile71Harry Featherstone200422:25
10 Mile72Harry Featherstone200523:19
10 Mile73Harry Featherstone200623:24
10 Mile75Harry Featherstone200724:22
10 Mile76Harry FeatherstoneEastbourne Rovers CC200925:36
10 Mile77Harry FeatherstoneEastbourne Rovers CC200925:48
10 Mile80Ray Dare200627:09
10 Mile81Ray Dare200727:37