Standard Awards Calculator

Basic information

Year of claim a
Sex b
Machine c

Step 1

Enter the year for which you are making a claim, your sex and the type of machine you have ridden in boxes a, b and c.

Step 2

If you have previously claimed a standard award or performance award since 2012 enter the year, your age at the time and your time or distance on the relevant line in columns e, f and g. Otherwise leave these boxes blank. The screen will show the standard at the time (h) and the plus you need to beat in order to claim a standard award (i).

To make a claim for this year enter your age at the time of the event in column j. The screen will show the applicable standard (m) and the time/distance you have to beat (k). Enter your actual time or distance in column l. The screen will calculate your plus (n) and whether your have achieved a standard award (o).

Enter all times in the format hours:minutes:seconds, even 10 mile times, eg 0:23:57. Enter distances in miles with (up to) three decimal places, eg 272.643.

Current and past performances

Previous claim (either Standard or Performance awards) This year's claim
Distance Year Age Time/dist Standard Plus to beat Age Target time/dist Time/dist Standard Plus achieved Standard award
d e f g h i j k l m n o
10 miles
15 miles
25 miles
30 miles
50 miles
100 miles
12 hours
24 hours

Please note this tool is not intended to be definitive proof or acceptance of a claim. Claims should be made to group recorders who will consider whether a claim will be accepted.