The East Anglian VTTA have re-scheduled two of the events on the E2 that were cancelled due to the roadworks on the A1/A14 at Brampton, they are:

•E2/10 mile TT originally planned for Wednesday 27th June, we will now run it on Thursday 12th July, 19:00 start, same conditions as before, 60 riders pref to East Anglian vets & 30 riders totally open including non vets as well.

•E2/50c mile TT originally planned for Sunday 1st July, we will now run it on Saturday 29th September, 14:00 start, vets event preference to East Anglian vets, 40 riders including 25% woman, the other event 60 BBAR, men only.

The other three 10's and the ECCA 100 unfortunately will not be re-scheduled.

These are now on the CTT IE site

12th July E2/10 - 30 any category of rider
12th July E2/10 - 60 vets only (pref to EA members)
29th September E2/50c - 60 BBAR (men only)
29th September E2/50c - 40 vets only including 25% woman (pref to EA members)