The VTTA National 24 hour championship was held in conjunction with the RTTC Championship on 21st/22nd July and organised by Mersey Roads Club.

The new national champion and men's gold medallist is Andy Jackson with Christina Mackenzie taking the women's gold medal. 

                          Name                                 Team                                          Age      Group         Distance    Plus


Gold Medal         Andy Jackson                     Aerocoach                                  42   Yorkshire      530.61     +164.98

Silver Medal       Doug Hart                            Ilkley CC                                     45  Yorkshire      492.94      +137.03

Bronze Medal    Ray Retter                           Born to Bike-Bridgtown Cycles    72    West           345.53      +92.27



Gold Medal         Christina Mackenzie       Stirling Bike Club                               41  Scotland          431.64     +98.05

Silver Medal       Lynne Biddulph               Born to Bike-Bridgtown Cycles          49  Midlands          397.74     +85.82

Bronze  Medal   Kate Bradley                   Born to Bike-Bridgtown Cycles           40  Notts & E Mids 345.39     +8.65


The Club Team award was won by  Born to Bike-Bridgtown Cycles with a plus of  +229.83

(Lynne Biddulph   +85.82    Ray Retter   +92.27      Bob Awcock   +51.74)

The Group Team award was won by Yorkshire with a plus of  +320.41

(Andy Jackson   +164.98    Doug Hart   +137.03   Michael Hutchings   +18.40)

Tandem Champions are Donald McLean and Mark Leadbetter of Scotland with a distnce of 427.97 and a plus of 87.89