VTTA Wessex - 2018 Recorder’s Report

Wessex has had another very successful season and will be well-represented in National competitions and records.

National age records  At age 74, Terry Icke broke the National 25-mile record twice! 54:58 then 54:45, as well as setting a Wessex record of 21:36 for 10 miles.  Sarah Matthews has set some amazing new age 58 records at 10 miles 21:33, 15 miles (twice!) 34:52 then 33:35, and 25 miles 55:24. Angela Carpenter had a remarkable season considering she fractured her elbow and hip in May – setting age 49  records at 25 miles 52:30 and 30 miles 1:03:23.  It’s hard to believe that her new Wessex 10-mile record of 20.56 is not also a National age record!

The final National record claim was for tandem duo Sarah Matthews and Mary Corbett - 22:54 for 10 miles.  I hope Mary will be successful this year after last year’s apparent record turned out not to be, due to a previous error with the National statistics.

Mary also set Wessex age records for mixed tandem at 50 miles with Aran Stanton (2:00:26) and with Norman Harvey at 10 miles (26:32) and 15 miles (39:44), this effort making them VTTA National Tandem champions.

At age 85, Norman has almost run out of records to break, but is blazing a trail of new records at 10 miles 28:10, 15 miles 44:55, 25 miles 1:13:45 and 50 miles 2:38:20.

In addition to Sarah and Angela, we had two new record-breakers amongst our women members – Michelle Walter set age 57 records at 30 miles (1:22:05) and 100 miles 4:44:16 and new member Christina Murray produced a speedy age 41 100 in 4:06:46.

Others breaking or setting new age records included Brian Hygate, who at age 80 managed 191.29 miles in 12 hours, whilst Nigel Sign rode 243.56 miles at age 61. Alan Emmott set a new 100-mile mark of 4:15:07.: Andy Langdown equalled his 2017 10 time of 19:19 but now age 49, and beat 30mph for 15 miles, with 29:58.  Greg Parker rode a super-fast 25 of 48:46 at age 53, an absolute Wessex record, and then at age 54 19:37 for 10 miles (beating the record set by Neil Mackley just 2 weeks earlier), 30:30 for 15 miles and 1:43:59 for 50 miles  Antony Green set a new age 54 25-mile record of 51:00, and would have also set records at 10, 15 and 50 miles had Greg Parker not beat him to it!

Our inaugural 15-mile championship, promoted by ..a3crg, (together with another 15), and the VTTA National 15 at Newbury), produced several Wessex records. The Wessex championship was won by the promoting club’s Sarah Matthews in +11:08 (33:35 – National age record), with Greg Parker 2nd in +10:20 (30:30) and Andy Langdown 3rd in +10:16 (29:58) Norman and Mary won the tandem championship with +6:00 (40:10) – which they then bettered to 39:44 in the National event. 15-mile records were also set by David England (39:57 age 75), Alan Emmott (35:22 at age 71), and Michael Stevens (33:11 age 57) 

David Shepherd of ..a3crg is our Wessex BAR and best of 5 qualifiers for the VTTA National BAR – the others being Steve Williamson, Nick Jones, Adrian Watkins and John Glaysher. Sadly some of our members’ were affected by the disallowing of the Blazing Saddles 50 event.

Greg Parker is fastest of our 8 qualifiers in the National 3-distance competition.  Terry Icke is again our best of 40 qualifiers in the National short-distance BAR, with +1:24:12, with Sarah Matthews 2nd and Angela Carpenter 3rd. Greg Parker was best of the 21 qualifiers in the Wessex Short-distance BAR, +1:33:49, with Angela a close 2nd in +1:33:21. The Fareham Wheelers team of Neil Mackley, Alan Emmott and Nigel Sign were top team in +4:08:39, with  ..a3crg a close second in +4:06:54. Angela Carpenter is our women’s BAR, with new member Christina Murray (Army CU) 2nd

The 50 mile championship, promoted by Southdown Velo, was won by Nigel Sign – 2nd overall in the event in a speedy 1:54:20. Norman Harvey was 2nd in +24:20 (2:38:20) and David Dalton 3rd in +23:32.  Aran Stanton piloted Mary Corbett to win the tandem section in +22:22 (2:00:36)

The 25-mile championship held in August in the North Hants RC event on the H25/8, was won by Andy Langdown with a +16:33 (51:17), Antony Green was 2nd +16:04 (52:48) and Nigel Sign 3rd +15:04 (55:34)  No team of 3 club riders finished.

The 10 mile championship was again held in the Alton CC event on the H10/8. Winner was Antony Green with +6:49 (20:10), 2nd Nigel Sign +5:44 (22:00) and 3rd Greg Harding +4:29 (22:45).  Fareham Wheelers (Nigel Sign, Phillip Clack and Barrington Day) took the team award in +9:16, and John Stepney won the Chalky White Memorial Trophy for biggest minus.

Other honours by Wessex Group members include:-

Angela won her age category in RTTC National 25.  And was 1st Lady in VTTA National 15-mile champs

Sarah Matthews won her age category in the National Circuit championship, and won the London & Home Counties VTTA 25 championship.

Neil Mackley has won the CTT South DC points competition and also won his age category at the National Circuit championships held at Thruxton.

Angela Carpenter, Terry Icke and Greg Parker also won their age categories at the Circuit Champs.

Tom Cox was age group winner 60-64 in the RTTC 50 champs.

Steve Williamson, Nigel Sign and Sid Hygate all won their age categories at the RTTC National 12-hour championships. Steve and David Shepherd were part of the ...a3crg winning team in that event, setting a new National team record in the process.

Wessex vets Steve Williamson and David Shepherd were in the ..a3crg BBAR-winning team.

27 members achieved between them 71 standard awards – John Glaysher earned six, and Nick Jones, Angela Carpenter and Steve Skinner four each.

Congratulations to all our Champions and prize-winners, record-breakers and all competitors, and thanks to everyone who sent me their results.

Claire Newman, Wessex Group Recorder

November 2018