Due to two people standing down we've had a rejig of the Committee in a desperate, and possibly futile, attempt to keep going as a group.  Don't know what it's like for other districts but we really struggle to get volunteers here in the North Mids, and were on the verge of folding. HUGE thanks to the three members* who came forward to save us. The new Committee is as follows:

  • Chairman - Peter McNally (Rutland CC)
  • Secretary - Dave Buxton (Rotherham Whs)*
  • Membership Sec - Chris Lea (Buxton CC)*
  • Treasurer - John Slater (Doncaster Whs)
  • Recorder - Phil Morgan (Kiveton Park CC)
  • Social Sec - Ala Whitehead (Rockingham CC)*
  • Trophies and Medals Sec - tbc
  • Web and Press Sec - Chris Lea*
  • Auditor - Peter McNally

More info on our website: http://vttanorthmidlands.co.uk