Have a go at achieving Standards Awards. 
First time claim:  If it is your first attempt at a Standards award you WILL get it! All you have to do is: 

1.    Fill in an application form at the start of the season or before the first race you wish to include in your claim, and send the fee (£10) to Margaret Coburn.

2.    For £10 you can claim for as many distances as you want from 10, 15, 25, 30, 50, 100, 12 and 24 hours.  Alternatively you can pay for your Standards Claim form online when you apply or renew your VTTA membership.

3.    You can enter and ride as many open events as you wish at the standard distances you are going for. This can be done anywhere in the country NOT only on K courses.

4.    You claim using the form which is found on the National site at filling in times, course details etc. and sending it with your result sheet(s) for the events ridden to Steve Jenks, ensuring he gets them before the last week of October. Alternatively, you can send your claim as an attachment to an email together with a link to the results sheet (usually on the CTT site).    

What awards do I get? A medal with your name and club on with the distance and a plus or minus compared to standard for each distance you have claimed for. If you claim three or more awards then they will engraved on a plaque. Good value or what? 

Second year and after claims – as above but you will need to improve on your plus or minus for any distance you have claimed for previously. And there’s the challenge. Each year you can aim to improve against your standard. Note that there are a few minor revisions to standards this year – make sure you are using the latest tables on the National site.
More details can be found at 

Have a go at a National Competition – AND be part of a Groupteam   

There are three national competitions and they are all based on your total plus against standard for the distance. They don’t cost you anything and you are given a National position at the end of the year!  

  • Short Distance Competition: Your best results for the season in two open 10s and in two open 25s.    
  • Three Distance Competition: Your best times in open events at 25, 50 and 100 miles.    
  • BAR (Best All Rounder): Your best results in an open 25, 50, 100 miles and a twelve hour. 

For each of the three National competitions the best sixMidlands performances are totalled and each VTTA group is awarded a position. The best three in the Midlands VTTA are also awarded a plaque in each of the three competitions. 

For these three competitions, at the end of the season you send your best results for each competition on a claim form with the results sheets to Steve Jenks - closing date is 18th October. If claimants want their results sheets returned, they should include a stamped self-addressed envelope. The claim forms are found on the National site at    Claims can be made by email by attaching a copy of the completed form together with a link to the appropriate results sheets.

Even if you do not get the results you wanted, if you enter any of the three competitions above, you may well make up the six that we need to be recognised and given a position as a Group nationally.  

More details can be found at 

Midlands VTTA Age Records

There are men’s and women’s records for all ages from 40 on for 10, 25, and 50 miles (and 100 and 12 hour if any are run on K courses). 

The criteria for an age record claim are: 

  • They must be set on a K course 
  • Time must be set in an open, not in a club, event 
  • There will be records for bicycles only at first 
  • The applicant must be a member of the Midlands VTTA on the day the time was set 
  • Age will be taken as the riders age on the day of the event – if the event is on their birthday, their age ON THAT DAY will be taken 
  • Applications can be made at any time in the year. 

Members putting in applications for Standards, BAR, Short Distance or Three Distance competition will automatically have their times compared to existing records and the record updated as appropriate. 

This means that they may achieve a record mid-season but it may be superseded before these applications are sent to me at the end of the season. To avoid this, if any member wants a record considered DURING the season, they need to send a record claim form to Steve Jenks together with a result sheet. This can be done by post or by email with results attached. The claim forms are on the Midlands site. The updated records will be on an excel spreadsheet and, again, will be on our site in the near future.

See further updates on these competitions and records on the VTTA Group Midlands facebook page.