Well here we are into the month of May and already our competitive season is fraught with disruption.

There have been event cancellations, postponements and diversions all as a result of traffic issues, surface water and high winds.

The forthcoming M&D 25 is reportedly moving to a different course which is eliciting a number of inquiries from riders unfamiliar with

the lesser known courses we have in the District.

Many of  you will be aware of Jim Ogden who has been a mainstay of the Group as Chair and scribe. Earlier this year Jim went through a period of illness that seriously debilitated him, he couldnt ride his bike!!!

Jim was ill, however I hear that he has now recovered, has been back on his bike and hopefully we will see him at some local events, or the Spinney on Tuesday mornings.

On a sad note I have just received a note that David Hurst has lost his battle with cancer. Our sympathies and condolences go out to Denise and family.

Taking over from Jim as scribe is Ken Workman who is patiently waiting for news and results from Group members. Please, become proactive, let Ken have your rides, achievements...not necessarily racing....news.

One result to hand is that of Darren Maironis who finished fifth on standard in the recent VTTA 10 ml Championship. He recorded an actual time of 21:11 producing a plus of 5:20. Well done Darren, bodes well for the rest of the season coupled with the previous sub 50 25 time.

Now, who is Ken Workman?

By way of  introduction, in spite of riding his first time trial in 1964, his claims to fame, he says, are winning a couple of rear lights in 25s, and that his wife, Pat, is the daughter of the late Jack Brownhill, a Vets champion who was very highly regarded - and not only in our Group! 

Ken served two terms as President of one of the oldest cycling clubs in the world, was President when that club celebrated its 130 yr anniversary in 2013, clues in there.

  He joined the Group in 2013, and  a mere lad in terms of serving on the M&NW committee, but fully commited member to the Group and the sport.  He turned 40 back in 1986, but says his very mediocre time trialling career had ended six years previously.  

A warning here he will regale anyone who will listen, of the somewhat fraught occasion when he finally got to meet his great hero, 'King' Alf Engers.  

A story worth listening to.


When he first came into cycling in the 1960s, he  was told that Cheshire, and particularly Bates' Mount Pleasant Cafe in Goostrey was the centre of the time trialling universe. As we know sadly, this is no longer the case as Bates' Cafe is no more, and our local courses now seem unfashionable.  Other than those A50 (Staffordshire) based courses in the far South of our area, we have very little dual carriageways to work with and have problems on many parts of other courses.


Enough for now, this is the fourth attempt to get this posted on the website and I believe there is another life out there.

Until next time when we have YOUR news.