Thanks to Julian Gee and Sotonia CC for incorporating our 10 Championship in their event on Saturday - the first open event to be held on the winding and undulating P164 course near Lyndhurst, which has only this year received CTT dispensation to be used for open events. A good entry of 58 solos included 32 Wessex Vets. On a fine day with little wind, one solitary shower enveloped the HQ and start, with wet roads and some of the New Forest regulars (ponies, leisure cyclists... and motorists!) giving many competitors the odd hold-up or dodgy moment!

Women riders filled three of the top four slots, the champion being local star Julia Shaw (Drag2Zero), Her time of 23:23 gave the former multi-National champion and comp record-holder a plus of 5:58. Second was multi National age-record holder Sarah Matthews (..a3crg), her 24:11 giving her a plus of 5:44, edging out by one second New Forest CC's Antony Green(21:24, +5:43). Fastest woman on scratch was Christina Murray (Army CU), her 23:11 giving her a plus of 5:15 for 4th place on standard.

Team champions are ..a3crg (Sarah Matthews +5.44, Drew Hosie +4.06, Jerry Bromyard +3.42 = +13.32) from New Forest CC (Antony Green +5.43, Ray Claridge +3.49 and Stuart Peckham +3.12 = +12.44). Martin Balk (3C Cyclexperience) takes the Chalky White trophy for biggest minus (28.13, -0.40)

Sadly, of 15 pairs in the tandem event, none were all-Wessex combinations.

Full result:
Julia Shaw DRAG2ZERO 23.23 5.58
Sarah Matthews ...a3crg 24.11 5.44
Antony Green New Forest CC 21.24 5.43
Christina Murray Army Cycling 23.11 5.15
Ian Patterson Utag RT 22.04 4.59
David Butt CC Weymouth 23.08 4.58
Terry Icke CC Weymouth 25.09 4.50
Nigel Sign Fareham Wheelers CC 23.04 4.48
Drew Hosie ...a3crg 23.06 4.06
Ray Claridge New Forest CC 22.51 3.49
Jerry Bromyard ...a3crg 24.24 3.42
Stuart Peckham New Forest CC 23.28 3.12
Michelle Walter Bournemouth Arrow CC 26.40 3.09
Mike Boyce ...a3crg 25.21 2.38
Stuart Grace GA Cycles 25.17 2.35
Ian Turner Tornado Road Cycling Club 24.32 2.22
Richard Wyeth Tornado Road Cycling Club 24.03 2.19
William Simmons Christchurch Bicycle Club 26.50 1.40
Ian Hayden Tornado Road Cycling Club 25.51 1.21
Neil Dyble Bournemouth Arrow CC 26.11 1.01
Adrian Watkins Tornado Road Cycling Club 25.59 0.55
Chris Summers Sotonia CC 27.44 0.46
Catherine Pascoe New Forest CC 29.21 0.17
Ken Rayson ...a3crg 29.54 -0.34
Martin Balk 3C Cyclexperience 28.13 -0.40
Phil Morris Fareham Wheelers CC DNS
Lucy Mitchell ...a3crg DNS
Claire Newman Crabwood CC DNS
Steve Skinner Bognor Regis CC DNS
Michael Stevens Fareham Wheelers CC DNS
Howard Bayley Blazing Saddles DNS