Trevor Mayne (Birdwell Wheelers), pictured above, in the Rutland CC Hilly (see 22nd May report, below)


Yorkshire Cycling Federation 10, 4th May

Saturday afternoon and the Yorkshire Cycling Federation 10 took place on the sporting V212 course, south of Boroughbridge. On the day, there was a ferocious northerly headwind from the turn to the finish. John Martin (Elmsall RC) did 25-36. Fastest overall was Hayden Allen in 21-35, with fastest female being Sarah Lewthwaite in 26-03. Full results:


Manchester & District Time Trial Association 25, 4th May

Also affected by a brisk northerly was the Manchester & District Time Trial Association 25 held on the J4/8 course in Cheshire, which uses King Street between Northwich and Middlewich, and a selection other main, B, and minor roads. Mat Ivings (Buxton CC) recorded 54-30 for 8th place, whilst Chris Lea (Buxton CC) did 59-50. Fastest overall was Steve Cummings (yes, that Steve Cummings) in a course record 50-21. Fastest female was Deborah Moss in 1-00-40. Full results:  


Rossington Whs 25.....and the Dulwich Paragon Spoco, 4th May

Joe Le Sage rode to 5th place with 56-43 in the Rossington Whs 25 on the O25/11 course (full results, with many other North Mids riders: and then also claiming 5th place in the Dulwich Paragon Spoco event on the Sunday, near Dorking (Full results:     


Matlock CC 10, 5th May

Andy Clark (Rutland CC) rode the Matlock CC 10 on the A10/16 course which uses the A6 between Darley Dale and Bakewell. This is not a fast course, with four sets of pedestrian lights to keep your fingers-crossed for, covered on both the way out and the way back. Otherwise, its normally quite pleasant. Not so much on Sunday morning, when it was very cold. Andy was suffering with a very sore foot and managed 27-53, but has banked the training miles. The event was won by under-16 rider Josh Giddings, in a rapid 21-17. Fastest female was Emilie Verroken in 26-19. Full results:


Yorkshire Cycling Federation 25, 5th May

Also on Sunday morning, the Yorkshire Cycling Federation held a 25 on the V236/1 course, which uses the A168 and A19 dual carriageways around Thirsk. This was attended by several of the North Mids riders. Results include: Ala Whitehead (Rockingham CC) in 1-15-41, Steve Scott (Elmsall RC) in 1-02-33,  John Martin (Elmsall RC) in 59-33, and Andy Whitehead (Rockingham CC) in 56-38. Fastest overall was Hayden Allen (again) in 49-39, with fastest female being Karen Taylor in 59-43. Full results:  


Welsh National 25 Championship, 5th May

Nnother superb ride by Keith Ainsworth (Sheffrec CC) who clocked 49-41 in the Welsh National 25 champs on the renowned fast R25/3H, despite unhelpful cold conditions, and taking 14th place. That ride is a new National Age Record (demoting Ken Platts), obviously a new North Mids Record, and also won Keith a Welsh National Age medal. Absolutely brilliant. Fastest overall was Tom Ward in 47-15, with fastest female being Steph Post in 52-30. Full results:


Birdwell Wheelers 10, 11th May

The Birdwell Wheelers 10 was held on the O10/1. Many of the North Mids riders rode, generally being lucky to dodge the heavy showers, although there was a nagging crosswind out and back. Plenty of very fine rides in the list below:

3rd female, 25-24, Alix Archer (Maxx RT)

5th female, 26-51, Charlotte Ridsdale (Rutland CC)

2nd, 20-50, Keith Ainsworth (Sheffrec CC), course PB and 1st vet

11th, 22-23, Trevor Mayne (Birdwell Whs), 3rd on standard

15th, 23-04, Andy Whitehead (Rockingham CC)

17th, 23-36, Rob Barnard (Team Cystic Fibrosis)

18th, 23-52, Gordon Wordsworth (Rutland CC), course PB

22nd, 24-47, Steve Cowlbeck (VTTA NM)

30th, 26-12, Anthony Keyworth (Kiveton Park CC)

33rd, 26-22, Ben Hamilton (Rutland CC)

36th, 27-00, Gary Clarke (Rutland CC)

37th, 27-44, Michael Weaver (Rotherham Whs CC)

38th, 29-46, Peter Stirk (Elmsall RC)

1st road bike, 23-41, Dominic Watts (Veloviewer)

4th road bike, 28-17, Stuart Radford (VTTA NM)

Fastest overall was Liam Bromley in 20-10, with fastest female Claire Swoboda recording 24-24.

Full results:  


City RC (Hull) 10, 11th May

John Martin (Elmsall RC) rode the City RC (Hull) 10 on the V714 course, which uses the B-road between Gilberdyke and Howden (a far cry from the V718) finishing in 25-21. Fastest overall was Joe Dobson in 20-40, with fastest female Diana Bite in 26-45. Full results:


South Pennine RC 25, 11th May                                                                              

Joe Le Sage (Rutland CC) rode a very rapid 51-22 on the A25/11 in the South Pennine RC 25, to finish in 16th place. Fastest overall was Leon Wright in 48-16, with fastest female being Sarah Grant in 56-58. Full results:


Drighlington BC 25, 12th May

John Martin and Steve Scott, both of the Elmsall RC rode the Drighlington BC 25 on the V236/1, with conditions a bit warmer than the previous weekend. John did 59-37 and Steve 1-01-56. Fastest overall was Stephen Ayres in 50-14, with fastest female Fiona Sharp in 58-30. Full results:


Saddleworth Clarion Mountain time trial, 15th May

Trevor Mayne (Birdwell Whs) rode the Saddleworth Clarion Mountain time trial, which crosses the Pennines west to east then returns east to west: barely a metre of flat road. Trevor did 54-32 on his road bike. Fastest overall was Louis Szymanski in 47-30, with fastest female being Charlotte Boothman in 59-37. Full results:


North Midlands District Championship 25, 18th May

The North Midlands District Championship, promoted by the Sheffrec CC, was held on the flat but bumpy O25/11 single carriageway course. Conditions were generally quite good, although apparently everyone got some heavy rain and it was rather cool. Nevertheless, air pressure was low and, importantly for this course, there was only a light NE breeze. Times and places as follows:

53-27 Keith Ainsworth (Sheffrec CC), 8th, 1st 60-69 age group

55-06 Joe Le Sage (Rutland CC), 9th, 1st 40-49 age group

57-28 Trevor Mayne (Birdwell Whs), 12th, 1st 50-59 age group

58-02 Daryl May (Sheffrec CC), 15th

59-17 Allan Wailoo (7 Hills CC), 17th

1-00-26 Gordon Wordsworth (Rutland CC), 19th, 2nd 60-69 age group, course PB

1-02-39 Steve Cowlbeck (VTTA NM), 24th

1-05-28 Paul Heggie (Birdwell Whs), 25th, 3rd 60-69 age group

1-07-21 Gary Clarke (Rutland CC), 26th

Fastest overall was Adam Duggleby, with the first 30+mph ride on the O25/11 course, in 49-57. Fastest female was Eleanor Hersign in 1-02-05. Full results:


VTTA Notts & East Mids 25, 19th May

The wonderfully smooth A46 dual carriageway was the scene for the VTTA Notts & East Mids 25, on the A25/34 course. Pity about that ‘hill’ shortly before the turn….however, no rain! Times as follows:

1-15-06 Ala Whitehead (Rockingham CC)

1-04-08 Ben Hamilton (Rutland CC)

1-04-05 Andy Clark (Rutland CC)

1-03-35 Wayne Fuller (Rotherham Whs)

1-01-27 David Buxton (Rotherham Whs)

1-00-32 Anthony Keyworth (Kiveton Park CC)

1-00-25 Steve Scott (Elmsall RC)

56-50 Rob Barnard (Team Cystic Fibrosis)

56-05 John Martin (Elmsall RC)

55-52 Paul Mapletoft (Kiveton Park CC)

55-16 Chris Lea (Buxton CC)

54-53 Andy Whitehead (Rockingham CC)

50-06 Stuart Wells (Lindsey Roads CC) – a new PB to follow his 50-15 PB (by 1-40) in the South Pennine RC 25 on the A25/11 the previous weekend: what superb rides!

Both Ala and Andy Whitehead were many minutes faster than their previous outing on this course, two years ago. John Martin did a season’s best 25. Andy Clark had a bit of bad luck in going off course at the turn, losing a minute or so, following miles of walking that morning in a new job – which is hardly ideal preparation, but vows to go again. Fastest overall was Brett Harwood in 47-43, with fastest female Karen Ledger recording 53-31. Full results:


Virtual CC 25, 19th May

Mat Ivings (Buxton CC) made the long trip down to the fast R25/3H 25 course in S Wales. The conditions looked good on paper but it turned into a ride of two halves with a very fast ride to the turn (32mph) followed by a painful grovel back to the finish, nevertheless giving him a remarkably rapid 50-10. Dan Bigham rode the event and was beaten into second place having suffered a mechanical before the start giving him a 1-57 late start penalty - he still managed 47-42 (!) Fastest overall was John Wingfield in 46-38. Full results:


Rutland CC Hilly, 22nd May

Rutland CC’s Joe Le Sage organised his club’s open hilly event on the very sporting O17/C course, which starts at Stoney Middleton, climbs to Litton, descends to Millar’s Dale, climbs back up to the A6 at Taddington, then is mostly downhill (apart from the uphill bits…) to the finish just north of Hassop. Allan Wailoo (7 Hills CC) did 48-58, Trevor Mayne (Birdwell Wheelers) 53-51 on his road bike, and Gary Clarke (Rutland CC) 1-01-33. Fastest was Ben Hardy in 41-48, with fastest female being Elizabeth Banks in 46-32. Full results:


Mapperley CC 10, 25th May

Several of the North Mids riders tackled Mapperley CC’s 10, on the A10/3 course which uses the well-surfaced but exposed A46 dual carriageway between East Bridgford and Elston. Stuart Wells (Lindsey Roads CC) recorded a very quick 20-10. Also riding were Karl Caton (Elmsall RC) who did a rapid 21-17, Andy Clark (Rutland CC) vowed to go faster next time after doing 25-49, whilst Peter Stirk (Elmsall RC) recorded 27-21. Full results are not yet available.  


Warrington RC 50, 25th May

Chris Lea (Buxton CC) rode Warrington RC’s 50 mile event, held on the J4/9 course which is essentially four laps of a course based on King St between Northwich and Middlewich, finishing in 1-59-43. Fastest overall was Darren Maironis in 1-49-16, with fastest female being Emily Martin in 2-09-34. Full results:


Anfield BC 100, 27th May

Mat Ivings (Buxton CC) battled a strong wind in the classic Anfield BC 100 on Bank Holiday Monday to become the first North Mids vet to compete over the distance this season, posting a very fine 3-54-28 on the rolling single-carriageway roads of north-east Shropshire. Fastest overall was Richard Bideau in 3-39-44, with fastest female being Christina Murray in 4-11-07. Full results: