Standard awards are a unique feature of VTTA membership. Standards awards can prove a significant achievement and a motivator as we grow older. But the Standards system and claiming for awards can seem complicated to newcomers (and some long-time members as well!).  There is a section on the website that explains Standards, your Standard ‘Plus’ and claiming for Awards that you can read here. But briefly summarised what you have to do to win a standard award is:

  1. Pay to enter for standard awards before you start attempting rides, either online when you join or renew (or later via your My Profile page) or by sending a cheque to your group. See your group page for the price for their standard awards.
  2. Decide at what distances or times you want to compete (10, 15, 25 ,30 , 50 and 100 miles, and 12 and 24 hours)
  3. Work out the plus you need for gaining an award at your chosen events – in your first year you just have to beat the standard time for your age and gender. In subsequent years you have to improve on your plus (unless set more than 3 years ago in which case you can start again).
  4. Ride your chosen events - all CTT open events as shown on their website and in their handbook are eligible for standard claims (not just VTTA events).
  5. If you achieve a standard download a copy of the result sheet from the CTT website showing the evidence of your time.
  6. At the end of the season complete a claim form (available here) and send it with the relevant result sheets to your group recorder.
  7. For each standard achieved you will receive an engraved medal and if you achieve four or more you will receive an engraved plaque – to proudly display to family and friends.

Will you be making a standards claim this season ?