For all the promises to myself and to Group members, keeping up to date with the updates is proving slightly out of my reach ….obviously too easily distracted.

On the membership front we have had a number of riders, and non riders, sign up to the Group in the past three months.

On the racing side there have been a some tremendous performances  with maybe Darren Maironis topping the list with a string of outright wins and Best on Standard.

Overall we had very good representation in the Warrington 50 with 17 members riding and Darren recording 1:49:18

Alan Chorley followed with a 1:51:07, Rod Mason 1:53:05, Daniel Shackleton 1:54:14 and amongst the finishers was Derek Hodgins with 2:47:46 which could be a new Group age record.

In the Janus 25 ml event, Darren again led the way with 54:43 with Rod, Ade and Daniel each recording 56 min rides. This event took place on another of our revised courses, an issue which has plagued the District for most of the season confronting organisers with a number of challenges.

Looking through the results on CTT website, not many riders inform Ken or myself of their performances, there are a number of impressive results. Daniel Shackleton finishes 10thin VTTA National 100 with a time of 3:55:14. Dave Wright posts 4:09:54 and Joanna Cebrat, new member, a 4:31:53, both in the National event.

In the Weaver Valley 25, Darren met his his match in the form of youngster Alex Royle finishing second with 53:40 whilst in same event Daniel and Adrian both completed 55 min rides.

At this moment I don’t have details of the recent 50 held on the A50 course but it is worth mentioning the ride by Jon Lloyd dipping under 1:50:00 for the first time, lets hope it becomes a consistent theme for him.

The big event of the season was the organization of the National team time trial championships and that produced some challenges.

However it was also a great example of support and involvement from District clubs.

The event required 60 plus marshals and back room staff. The majority were, and still are, Group members. On behalf of Mike Cotgreave and myself, a big thank you and well done. The feedback regarding the marshaling was fulsome, in particular from Independent Pedallers.

So we are into late July in a season plagued with course revisions, rain affected events and yet Group members continue to ride/race with high level performances. On the racing front the Group is very healthy lets hope that the new members can bring even more to the 

Group with contributions to the Group news and Workman’s journal for the National magazine.

And finally, please ask/chase up your club members and convince them to join the Group, in any capacity at all. 

Take care.