We have released a major enhancement to the VTTA age records system on the website. Please visit the Records Table section of the website here

There is a draft user guide for members and for group recorders which you can download from the Documents section of the website here

The new Age Records database has been derived from the following sources:

• The National Age Records database, containing all current records and records set and beaten since 2009
• The historic Records database compiled by Les Lowe, containing records from 1923 to 2009
• Group record databases from Surrey/Sussex, London & Home Counties, West, Midlands, North Lancs & Lakes, and Manchester & NW

Please note: Not all group records are therefore currently on the website

The Age Records system has the following features for members
• Viewing of current National and Group Age Records
• Viewing the history of National and Group Age Records (as available)
• Download of National and Group Age Records for offline analysis

The production of a consolidated age records database has enabled us to:
• See the full history of records by category (road & track) , machine, gender and event type
• Produce a group records database for groups that do not currently have one