Left - Iain nobottlz Bell for Silver; Right - Bob loadzabottlz Jones for Gold. Both photos by Kimroy ©

Iain is departing the Feed Zone at Raglan fork during the Midday Circuits; Bob is on Allensmore Bank approaching Hereford during the Morning Circuit.

bib start_time firstname lastname club cat age 100 miles VTTA std DISTANCE Plus on Std AWARDS
14 06:14:00 Robert Jones Cardiff 100 Miles RCC MV 67 5:05:46 177.25 226.57 49.32 GOLD
24 06:24:00 Iain Bell Monmouthshire Wheelers MV 47 4:48:12 206.75 237.53 30.78 SILVER


Iain only took up time trialling in July, knocked out 2:03 in the Milers 50 beginning of August, then joined our VTTA group and did 237 miles in the Welsh CA 12 at the beginning of September (only his 4th or 5th open event). He’s unable to add a 25 or 100 in time to participate in this year’s BAR, but watch this space next time!

The problem with a 12 in September is the need for lights, if only to get 2 miles to the start - that and the likelihood of single figure temperatures first thing. I had gloves and a long sleeve wooly vest under my skin suit, which only came off at lunchtime; socks stayed on all day. Still, there was no rain and temperatures remained pleasant - unlike last year’s event in July, which was almost unbearably hot.

Raglan courses benefit from a south west wind - which gives a tailwind from Abergavenny to Raglan, but not so much headwind going the other way as it's coming at you behind the hedge on the south side. As south west is the prevailing wind direction, it's surprising how infrequently it blows that way for a time trial, and 1st September was no exception! This event was treated to an unhelpfully stiff breeze from north of west (meaning a block headwind when going towards Abergavenny, but no real tailwind going back to Raglan).

Wind conditions were therefore somewhat character building.

Like Iain, many riders are doing hydration with a Camelbak bladder down the front of their skinsuit. My innovation this year was an undamped suspension seat post (another Andy Wilkinson gimmick) which seemed just what's needed for long events on rough roads.

The sharp end of the results contain better rides than mine by former South Wales members (Anthony Jones +87.68 miles; Paul Colman +56.93 miles) and it’s high time to get them back.

A big thank you to this event’s extensive Race Support Team, in particular the Abercynon RC’s Neutral Feed Station (Midday Circuits and Finishing Circuits), without whom unsupported riders would be in difficulty.

Hero of the day: the one-hour wind shift, mid-afternoon, that gave us a true tailwind between Hardwick and Raglan.

Zero of the day: the same wind-shift wafted Parfum de Sunday Lunch from Cripple Creek kitchen across the DC half way up the climb west of Raglan roundabout. Thank goodness an hour later the wind changed back again: rather a block headwind than the tortures of Tantalus any day!