On Sunday 4th August, Cardiff 100 miles RCC hosted our group's 50 mile championship in their event on R50/1b.

bib start_time firstname lastname club cat age VTTA std TIME Plus on Std AWARDS
46 08:46:00 Rod Hicks Port Talbot Whs CC MV 54 2:21:06 1:56:40 24:26 GOLD
3 08:03:00 John Shehan Bynea Cycling Club MV 73 2:34:00 2:15:44 18:16 SILVER
1 08:01:00 Robert Jones Cardiff 100 Miles RCC MV 67 2:28:26 2:11:12 17:14 BRONZE
78 09:18:00 Marco Marletta Cardiff Jif MV 53 2:20:40 2:13:23 07:17  
62 09:02:00 Andrea Parish VeloSistas TT Team WV 51 2:31:48 DNF    
49 08:49:00 Les Thomas Port Talbot Whs CC MV 57 2:22:27 DNS    
2 08:02:00 Derek Morgan Worcester St. Johns CC MV 79 2:40:36 DNS    

Conditions were ideal and many riders obtained PB's, including some who'd recently PB'd in a Saturday afternoon event on the same course.

Unfortunately our sole contestant for the women's championship had to pack after one lap owing to a saddle sore.

Hard luck story of the day goes to Marco Marletta whose cassette lockring unscrewed, requiring frequent stops to do it up again (with fingers) in order to finish at all.

Hard learned tips to help avoid saddle sores (apart from using chamois cream):-
1. clean sensitive areas of skin with proper soap and water.
2. use non-bio washing agents for clothing that comes in pressure contact with skin (socks, skinsuit, underpants, etc.) as enzymes can cause a skin reaction.