Membership Secretary’s Report 2019 (draft)

The National On Line Membership System (NOMS) has now been in use for more than a year and is working well.  A few glitches have been amended as they occurred and some improvements have been implemented, the latest being a link with the CTT as explained in the recent email inviting renewals. Members are requested to opt in to allow their data to be shared with CTT.

Although NOMS has a number of good features which allow easy methods of sorting it has not reduced the amount of time that I need to spend keeping my records.

The majority of renewals are being enacted through NOMS and all new members are using this system.

Our membership is fairly stable at 157; (151 in 2018). We welcomed 20 new members but regrettably 18 failed to renew. 

The statistics are:- 

HLM 29 including 3 new this year.

LM 1

Joint members 3

Females 18 (16 last year)12 of those raced during the season and wow! they produced some stellar performances!

There were four members 80+ who raced; Barrington Day, Brian Hall, Norman Harvey and Brian (Sid) Hygate.

Five members; James Boston, Stan Dackombe, Eva Drinkwater, Phil Newbury and John Stepney passed the final timekeeper during the year.

Norman Harvey

Wessex Group Membership Secretary

November 2019