VTTA Wessex Group

Annual General Meeting

Tuesday 26 November 2019 commencing at 7pm

Venue:- The New Inn Hounsdown Totton

SO40 7EP


 1.        Apologies for absence.

2.        Minutes of the 2018 AGM.

3.        Matters arising.

4.        To consider and adopt the Chairman’s report.

5.        To consider and adopt the Treasurer’s report.           

 6.        To consider and adopt the Recorder’s report.

7.         To consider and adopt the Membership secretary’s report.

8.         To consider and adopt the Trophy secretary’s report.

9.         Subscriptions for 2020. (and 2021?).

10.       Fees for Standards

11.       Arrangements for the Lunch and Awards Presentation (Saturday 25th January 2020)

12.       Election of Officers:

            a)  Chairman  (David Collard-Berry)

            b)  General Secretary  ( position vacant)

            c)  Membership Secretary  (Norman Harvey)

            d)  Treasurer  (Mary Corbett)

            e)  Recorder  (Claire Newman)

            f)  Trophy Secretary  (Alan Sharpen)  

            g)  Social Secretary  (position vacant)

            h)  Veteran Reporter  (Bob Jollife)

            i)  Media Co-ordinator  (position vacant)

            j)  Independent Examiner (Patrick Brennan)

            k) Webmaster (Claire Newman and Steve Brown)   

            l)  Committee members (Glenn Longland and Adrian Watkins)

Note that the incumbents cited above have indicated a willingness to stand for re-election.

13.       Any other business:

            Awards for 2019:-  Trophies, medals etc.