VTTA WESSEX GROUP  -  Recorder’s Report 2019

What a great year Wessex have had - It’s difficult to know where to start! We  have VTTA National champions, CTT comp record breakers and BBAR stars, many age group winners.  Wessex have won 7 VTTA National trophies.  Many of the superb 2018 results now look slow by comparison!

David Shepherd has won the VTTA National BAR, Christina Murray is 4th overall and 1st woman, and Steve Williamson 6th overall.   

Angela Carpenter has won the VTTA National 3-Distance BAR (women’s and overall!) and is 3rd overall and 1st woman in the National Short-Distance Competition - best of our 31 counters in that competition, and has won the Wessex Short-Distance BAR and the Wessex Women’s BAR.  She was also 1st women in the VTTA National 10 and 25 -  and placed 4th in the CTT National BBAR.  

Wessex Group (Angela, won the 3-distance Group competition, with ...a3crg being the winning team, they also won the best team in the National Short-Distance competition


3 National Track records at 5 miles, 5km & 10km by Andy Langdown.

Ten  VTTA National Age Records in TTs  – of which 5 are Angela’s and 3 are Sarah’s.   Christina Murray’s 24 hour is of course also a VTTA National record, as is David Shepherd’s 12hr 289.45 miles.

24hr Christina Murray W42 – 478.42 miles

12hr David Shepherd M58 – 289.45 miles

100 miles -Angela carpenter W50  100  3.53.16

30 miles -  Angela Carpenter W50 – 1:05:31  (CTT Women’s team comp record).

25 miles -  Angela Carpenter W50  – 53:39   then 51:56

15 miles -  Angela Carpenter W50 –  32.28 

15 miles -  Sarah Matthews   W59 –  34:21  then 34:10

10 miles -   Sarah Matthews W59 –   22:05

50 Wessex Records including the 10 above – 36 Solo, 2 Trike and 2 Tandem


David Shepherd is VTTA National 12hour Champion with his VTTA age record 289.45.  This event was also the CTT National championship and David obviously won his age M55-59 category.   Christina Murray 266.43 was 1st woman on standard and 2nd woman on scratch, also age group winner W40-44.  Brian Hygate 80-84 and Nigel Sign 60-64 were both age group winners.  Steve Williamson recorded  296.196 miles, thus with David and Christina, taking the Group award for Wessex.  John Glaysher (227.903 miles) was 3rd counter for ...a3crg, who were beaten to second place in the club competition by less than a mile!

Christina is VTTA National 24hr champion, her 478.42 miles gave a plus of 142.52.

VTTA National 10 promoted by the Surrey/Sussex group on the G10/41 near Dorking.

Angela Carpenter 1st lady 23:02 +6:04.  Sarah Matthews 2nd lady +5:28. 

Neil Mackley 2nd man on standard (+5:56).

Unsurprisingly,  ..a3crg took the National team title and Wessex won the Group competition.

CTT competitions

CTT Comp Record & National Champion 24hr - Christina Murray 478.42 miles

CTT Women’s BBAR Angela Carpenter 4th 27.067mph

CTT BBAR Steve Williamson 10th 26.855mph

Angela was also part of the ..a3crg team which achieved a CTT team comp record at 30 miles (Sarah was so unlucky to puncture in that event)

CTT National Championships age group awards

CTT Circuit champs (in June) 55-59 Phil Watts 1:35:26

CTT 50 miles 55-59 Greg Parker 1:53:31

CTT 50 miles W55-59 Virginia McGee 2:17:58                                   

CTT 25 miles age W55-59 Sarah Matthews 56:32

CTT 10 miles, W50-55 Angela Carpenter 20:53, W55-59 Sarah Matthews 22:10

CTT National closed circuit champs at Thruxton October – Paul Jones M45-49, Angela Carpenter W50-55, Sarah Matthews W55-59, Greg Parker M55-59, Terry Icke M75-79.

Wessex Group championships

10 Champs promoted by Sotonia on P164

1st Julia Shaw 23:23 +5:58

2nd Sarah Matthews 24:11 +5:44

3rd Antony Green 21:24 +5:43

Team ..a3crg Sarah, Drew Hosie +4:06, Jerry Bromyard +3:42 = +13:32

15 tandem pairs but no all-Wessex combinations!

15 champs – promoted by .a3crg on P884/15

1st  Greg Parker 31:22 +9:39

2nd Sarah Matthews 35:51 + 9:16

3rd  Andy Langdown 31.26 + 9:00

Team  ..a3crg  Sarah Matthews, Steve Legg +7:29, Drew Hosie +6:42 = +23:27

Tandem - Norman Harvey and Mary Corbett 41:06 +5:20

25 champs – promoted by Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers on 7th July P413

1st Greg Parker 52:06 +16:57

2nd Terry Icke  59:49 +16:33

3rd Antony Green 53:18 +15:45

Tandem   Stuart Peckham & Mary Corbett 1:02:04 +7:16

Team  ..a3crg  Neil Mackley +15:40, Jerry Bromyard +12:04, Drew Hosie 10:14, =+37:58

50 champs – promoted by Charlotteville CC on H50/8 on 28th April

1st Greg Parker  1:50:06  +31:00

2nd Antony Green  1:53:15  +27:51

3rd Philip Watts  1:56:26  +26:59

No tandems. No team finished


25 members have claimed 70 standard awards (71 in 2018) – Michelle Walter got 7!- only missing the 24hr!


I now have access to update Wessex records which are automatically flagged up if National records.

I have added all the solo bike ones to end of 2018, and some of the 2019 records – the system is currently ‘down’ - I’ll finish updating with 2019 records and tandems and trikes (sorry Mary!) once the site is back up.

Congratulations to all our riders who have achieved so much success between them in 2019.


Claire Newman, Wessex Group Recorder

December 2019