Report for the SVTTA and VTTA web site Scotland Group News:

The VTTA National AGM and Prize presentation was held in Solihull on 25/1/20. Scotland Group was represented by George McLaughlan, Iain McLeod and Alex Munro. There was also a workshop covering Proportional Standards, New Age Records system and Potential website enhancements. Minutes and copies of presentations will be issued, but here are some points of interest.

Proportional Standards

This involves applying a lot of mathematics to the standards plus or minus figure. The result would be presented as a percentage instead of minutes and seconds. Testing showed that it only made small differences to results in short distance events such as 10 or 25 and no differences in longer distances. So considering the extra complexity for little if any benefit, it was agreed that it would not be used.

There was also discussion on a proposal that appeared in December issue of the Veteran to change from showing results as a Standard plus or minus to an Equivalent time obtained by deducting a plus value from the actual race time or adding a minus value to the actual race time. It was thought that an “Equivalent time” would be more meaningful than a “Plus or minus”. Just like a handicap system. To be investigated.

Age Record System

We were shown how this is being implemented on the website. It will be enhanced to include superseded records, for both National and Group. Still needs input from groups.

Website enhancements  

At present, the only information about season long competitions (BAR, short distance) is the final result at the end of the season. Work is in progress to enable positions through the season to be shown. It is also hoped to reduce the need for filling in and posting claim forms by allowing on line input. Some of these plans would require members to give permission for their results and other data to be used by VTTA and CTT.

Funding is required for this – estimate £11,000. Discussion took place on how to raise it. Suggestions that were made included using up bank balance, group donations, levies, reduce printed magazine numbers.

Prize Presentation

I am sure that the number of members from Scotland group who were receiving prizes was the largest since I have been attending these ceremonies. Alex, Patricia Baird, Catherine Logan, Isobel Fletcher and Alan MacLean came along to receive theirs in person. A bit of a mix up with Alex’s medal, but he did get a special mention from the chairman.

AGM Agenda

3 Financial Forecast – No changes in subscriptions were proposed for this year. A suggestion was made that if changes are thought to be required, the NEC should notify groups around September each year and put it on the AGM agenda. This would enable discussion and amendment as required.

Costs associated with the Web site and the Veteran magazine got mentioned several times. Savings can be made if members opt to receive the “electronic” magazine. Numbers have increased substantially, but a further increase would be welcomed.

All the proposed changes to Rules and Regulations were approved except for:

5.4.1 and 5.4.2

These related to having separate Tandem and Trike championships. There might have been a majority in favour of them, but it was felt that they would create some inconsistencies and anomalies if approved in their present form. Referred back to NEC for review.

6. Election of Officers

All re-elected, but, President Carole Gandy, will only be for one year, and there is a vacancy for Treasurer. There is also room for one more committee member. Any volunteers?


Discussion took place on introducing Direct Debit for membership fees. It was thought that this would help to reduce the number of lapsed members.

Iain McLeod