This is a short intro to a longer more comprehensive article looking, and pleading, for involvement. We need marshals to help out those clubs which are supporting, nay, organising, our four events.

The core committee is concerned that the Group apparently focuses on active riders/competitors and to some extent ignores

the older member/non rider.

To address that point we are looking to organise a lunch towards the end of April, early May, at which members, and partners, will be able to meet and chat about modern or old times. It might be possible to invite a prominent person, rider or well who?, to the gathering.

Age is no barrier, nor will transport to the event, a mini bus will be provided for those without transport.

So, if you are reading this get in touch with one of the committee and if you are reading this and no a member who doesnt have this access, please speak with them.

All for ....more to follow.