Well, not the usual heading one might expect for a news update from a VTTA Group, but times are strange.

Attached is a list of our season long awards, compiled by Dave Wright, and the four Group events.

Some might be aware of the information provided to organisers from the CTT and coupled with the general concerns about the virus and subsequent restrictions, we might have a very fragmented season.

There will be a need that if the current situation continues, let alone worsens, for us to call on younger

members to cover marshalling roles in order to help those clubs organising our events.

We were looking forward to the Presidents Trophy which is intended to open up a season long competition for a wider range of riders. For the first time in a couple of seasons the committee were 

viewing the coming year with greater optimism than we have experienced over the past few years....and now Covid-19!

The CTT advice could have a serious impact on Group activities and participation. We are asking that members where ever possible do look ways in which the roles of marshals, timekeepers etc, can be maintained in light of the restrictions on the O70s group and others with underlying health problems.

When I started to write this article it was in a much lighter vein and certainly more up beat.

But then Boris spoke....

So, please, be aware of the affect of the curbs on certain groups of the population and the general advice that has been issued.

If you ride take heed of the advice,if you marshal, similarly so.Above all remember it is a sport and will be here next year.

As a last resort we could compete on Zwift!!!

VTTA Man & NW Trophies and Events 2020.pdf