In the light of the rapidly developing situation regarding the coronavirus, the CTT has announced that it has suspended all time trials (both open and club) with immediate effect up to and including Sunday 31 May 2020. British Cycling have also announced that they have suspended all of their sanctioned activities, including racing, non-competitive events, and recreational rides until 30 June.

The VTTA National Executive Committee has been closely following developments in the last few days and, as anticipated, it has become necessary to cancel our first national championship over 15 miles on 29th March and also the 10 mile championship on 25th April. We hope that it will be possible to re-arrange these championships later in the season. At this stage, however, no-one can be sure what events will run this year and we will have to wait and see how circumstances develop.

Our country, and indeed the world, is passing through a very difficult period and there are more pressing concerns than our sports and hobbies. However, for many of us cycling keeps us healthy in both body and mind and is a focus of our friendships. Let us keep in touch with and support one another in the cycling community. Stay fit on the turbo, and let us do all we can to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe and healthy.


Andrew Simpkins

VTTA National Chairman

Last updated 23rd March 2020