Manchester and Northwest VTTA Chairman’s update – 1 July 2020

As an introduction to this note, I and the committee, hope you are all well and, by some means, keeping fit.  Which brings me to the main reason for this update.

Awards and competitions

The core group of the committee have met on a couple of occasions in order to review the situation regarding future events.  As many, if not all, of you are aware, the local District has cancelled all events until September 1st.  That decision was taken based on the Covid advice current at the time.  Since then, the CTT have pushed the starting dates for types B events (Club events) back a week to 12 July; type A events (Open events) remain unchanged at 17 July.


The CTT Risk Assessment for organising and staging events has presented organisers with what might be insurmountable problems unless the review of current restrictions on July 4th significantly changes for the better.  The Committee looked at the various season long competitions the Group stage and believe that in the continuing climate it is best to cancel all competitions for this season.  In essence we are following the same decision taken by NEC:

Given the shortened season, and the cancellation of many remaining events, it is clearly problematic to run our season long competitions this year. If, for example, 100 mile events are very few and require members to travel long distances, it calls into question the viability of running both the Three Distance and Four Distance (BAR) Competitions. There may not even be a reasonable spread of 10 and 25 mile events for the Short Distance Competition. 


It is appreciated that some riders will take, have taken, part in events that would normally qualify for recording purposes but there will not be medal or trophy awards for the season.

Those riders who have achieved a Standard and those who might do so in the few remaining events, are asked either to claim or carry over their Standard entries to next season.

Any successful claims will be recognised with a certificate rather than a medal or plaque.  

All members who have paid for Standards this year will qualify for Standards next year with no further charge in 2021.  David Wright is the person to contact with regard to standards claims.

AGM and Annual lunch

Following on from the above, we have also looked at the possible effect Covid-19 will have on the AGM and the annual lunch and prize presentation.  As matters stand, it is intended to explore alternative means of communicating, particularly for the AGM.  With no competitions in 2020, and on-going uncertainty for social gatherings, the annual luncheon and prize presentation will not take place this year.  The committee had, previous to lockdown, considered ways of organising small group gatherings for members who have difficulty in travelling or simply wished to meet friends and other members for coffee etc. 

It is our intention to seek means of establishing such meetings in a variety of venues and keeping to no more than 6 people, as guidelines prevail.

Your understanding and continued commitment to the Manchester and Northwest VTTA is very much appreciated at this frustrating and uncertain time.  Take care and keep safe.


Tony Farrell


Man and NW VTTA