Below are copies of the annual reports from committee members.

Any comments or questions please address to Neville or myself in the first instance.

Current members of the committee are prepared to stand for another year and we do need other members to come forward to 

join us.

There are currently two vacancies waiting to be filled. Again let Neville or myself know if you are interested.


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                                                                   Manchester & North West Group


                                                                           Chair’s Report 



It is almost impossible to start this report without mention of the year we have experienced, as cyclists and family members.

It is the first year that I can recall that we are not having a season finale and celebration with Luncheon and awards in November.

Maybe next year?

In addition our AGM originally scheduled for November at Goosetry will take place but via ZOOM.

It was a year in which little competition took place compared with previous seasons.

As mentioned in other reports Covid did not prevent Group members from competing in the few events available and setting age records as well as winning top three standard awards in National events.

Congratulations to all.

A thank you is necessary as despite a small fall in membership few if any members deserted us and towards the end of the season, we were able to welcome new and returning members.


As a Group we are buoyant financially, I was told by our treasurer not to say “very”, thanks to Edgar. He has presented a report for distribution which I encourage you to read in order to note the energy and detail he puts into his task.

As a Committee we are small but dynamic. Within the Core group there is a drive and commitment to establishing this Group as one of the leaders in the National organisation.

Prior to the national lockdown we were seeking to develop wider contact amongst our members and to include those non racers in regular social meets.

Nev as secretary has kept us in touch with National and local events whilst David has refined and updated the recorder’s role and related systems.

In the background awaiting news from one and all is Ken whose knowledge of local cycling history will be put to wider use in 2021.

To each of them a big thank you for without them this Group might well have perished a couple of years ago.

Whether Covid has presented us with an opportunity to review our organisation nationally and locally is open to question. However, there are working groups from NEC examining possible restructuring of both the organisation and its presentation of national events. I firmly believe that as a national group we will move into a more challenging and exciting future both on and off the road. 

It would be a positive move if we could encourage other Group members to indicate an interest in committee membership, the future is in your hands.


Thank you

Take care and see you hopefully next season.








                                                                            Group Secretary’s Report

                                                                                  Committee Meetings

Standard type committee meetings were held in February and March then following the Covid outbreak we had a number of Zoom meetings, via the Internet. In addition officials maintained regular contact by email.


This report is being sent to all members via email or letter post to members who do not have computers.

Group membership numbers are slightly down this year from 158 to 149 this includes 28 Life members and 26 Joint members. Considering the pandemic turmoil, this small decrease of 6% in membership is seen as positive.

Surprisingly, despite the cancellation of many events, we had a small flurry of new/renewals mid-season and this year we welcomed 13 new members but unfortunately lost 24 including 7 deaths

The following members have died during the past year – Mrs Christine Ashworth, Mrs Barbara Hodgins, David Hurst, Wilf Lewis, Joe Pilling, John Bethel, Vin Fitzgerald. 

The committee does not always hear which members are now deceased so if you hear of any members deaths then let us know so that we can manually amend the membership record and Ken can report their demise in the Group Report for the Veteran.  

The new members are – Jon & Elizabeth Batt, Andy Cumming, Steve Hankey, Peter Hallam, Jason Henson, Steve Hilton, Malcolm Horner, Peter Howarth, Graham Noble, Jamie Town, Ben Whatley, Patrick Healey, Ian Slater.

Currently there are two vacancies on the Group Committee and we seek expressions of interest from members new and long standing.

There is no longer automatic Honorary Life Membership (HLM) for 80 year olds but we can award this membership if the Group decides that they are a deserving case and have made significant contribution to the VTTA. If any member wishes to propose another member for HLM then let the committee know.

The Future

With the resurgence in cycling generally and with the many come-back keen cyclists I am confident that there will new interest in our sport and that the VTTA can capture some of that interest.

Despite Covid this Group Report highlights what has been achieved this year and what we have planned for next year.

On a personal aspect, I did compete with the restrictions in place and I felt quite comfortable and safe with them and I see no reason why there cannot be a full season next year even if restrictions are still necessary.

Nev Ashman


                                                                         Manchester and NW Group

                                                                       Group Recorder Report 2020


At the beginning of the year the 2020 season was looking very promising as many enthusiastic members paid for standards early.  Regrettably, with the coronavirus taking hold of the nation in March and with the suspension of all Time Trial events until mid-July, all Group season long competitions were cancelled.  This decision is in line with that taken by NEC.  All members who have paid for Standards this year will qualify for standards next year with no further charge in 2021.  Riders who managed to take advantage of either the early season or the reduced calendar of events later in the year and achieved a standard, will receive a certificate for their ride.  Age records will be recognised with the award of a certificate in the usual way.  Certificates will be sent by post later in the year.  No medals, plaques or trophies will be awarded for the 2020 season.

One of the major software developments for the National VTTA website this year is the facility to link VTTA and CTT accounts.  VTTA members still get preferential entry to all VTTA events.  However, going forward from August this year, individual members are required to link their VTTA and CTT accounts so event organisers can identify VTTA members.  


As of 15th October 2020, 27 Group members paid for standards this year, one for more than one type of machine.  This compares well with 28 members paying for standards in 2019.  Those riders paying for Standards this year will qualify for standards awards in 2021.  Three members have qualifying times for standards this season; see 2020 Standards Awards table below.  The fees for standards attempts at any or all distances on a single machine will remain at £15 for Group members not paid for the 2020 season. 

2020 Standards Awards

No of Awards









Neville Ashman


Manchester Velo CRC







Derek Hodgins


Stockport Clarion CC











Alan Chorley


Seamons CC










National and Group Competitions

There are no National and Group season long competitions this year.  Anticipating a return to competition in 2021, a reminder of Group trophies, competitions and events are listed at the end of this report.

Nonetheless, National single distance events did take place late in the season and congratulations go to Joanna Cebrat for achieving 1st, 2nd and 4th lady on standard in the VTTA National events of 100 miles, 50 miles and 12 hours, respectively. 

Age Records

Four members have set five new Group age records in the year and claimed one historic record, see Group Age Records table below.  All Group age records are up to date and listed on the VTTA website at

Group Age Records

Recorder Holder




Year set


Alan Chorley


















Derek Hodgins






Alan Shuttleworth






Neville Ashman








David Wright

Man & NW Recorder

Oct 2020




                                                             Veterans Time Trial Association

                                                                 Manchester and NW Group

                                                                  Trophies and Events 2021






25-mile Championship Cup

Best two aggregate performances on standard by a Group member in group 25-mile TTs    


Memorial Handicap Shield                

Best handicap placing by a Group member in the Group's/ Seamons 25-mile H'cap TT                        


ES(Ted) Ward Memorial Championship Cup           

1st Group member on standard in the Group 50-mile TT                                                  


BAR Championship Bert Starkey Shield        

Highest placed Group member in the National VTTA BAR


Stan Livingston Memorial Trophy Cup  

Highest placed Group member in J Course BAR on standard - local courses J/D/L


3 Distance Competition Championship Cup (Butterworth)

Highest placed Group member in the National 3 Distance competition (25, 50 and 100)                       


3 Distance Watterson Team Shield   

First team of 2 group members/same club riders on standard aggregate plus in the 3-distance competition


Local Courses 3 Distance Shield

Best group member on standard in an open 25, 50 and 100 on local courses (J/D/L)  


Lamp Trophy                                       

Presented to the last counter in the BAR competition, or in 3 Distance competition if no qualifiers in BAR


Short Distance Trophy

The short distance trophy for best group member on standard in any two open 10s and two open 25s.


FTA Trophy                                        

The short distance trophy for best group member on standard in any two open 10s and two open 25s, all on local courses (J/D/L).           


Presidents Trophy

Best aggregate performance on standard across all Group events (any number of events qualify)

VTTA Manchester and NW Events 

20 March        10 mls M&D TTA and VTTA M/c NW Group           

22 May            50 mls Warrington Road Club and VTTA M/C NW Group            

12 June          25 mls Janus Road Club and VTTA M/C NW Group                     

17 June          10 mls Buxton CC/Sett Valley Cycles and VTTA M/c NW Group            

17 July            25 mls Seamons CC and VTTA M/C NW Group                            







What a strange season 2020 was, as racing did just about get under way. But for those hardy souls who rode the early events it seemed like the season came to a close almost as soon as the first competitive pedals were turned.

Thus my first full year as Editor has been very different than anticipated. It was my full intention to get out to more M&NW Group races this season to talk to our racing people, the better to report on their activities. But due to the current pandemic, not one event did I attend, therefore, in terms of local competition there was almost nothing to comment on. 

However, I was very heartened that one of our racing men took pity on my plea from a year ago, to advise me of not only his own results, but also those group riders who travelled to the various VTTA championship events. Step up Ian Peacock of the Leek CC, who not only reported on those events, but did so with some humour. 

Now that Ian has broken the ice, I shall be very happy to receive further reports, news or comment regarding group members' activities. Feel free to contact me at:


Ken Workman, 

November 2020 





                                                           TREASURER’S REPORT - OCTOBER 2020

                                                                         M&NW GROUP VTTA


                                                                      Overview & Conclusion

With liquid assets of £5,649.22 (or £5,558.22 after cleared cheques) the Group remains solvent.  There is no need to increase membership fees for next year.  Should there be a racing calendar next season and/or ‘the rule is six’ is eased then annual expenditure will increase.  No formal income and expenditure accounts or balance sheet are prepared by me since the Group is a club with extremely basic needs.  All is shown on the bank statements or cheque book.  The ‘accounts’ are not, therefore audited, but members may ask any question pertinent to the fiscal situation as adumbrated herein.  My papers have been available to the committee members and I intend to keep matters simple.

I remain available to act as Group Treasurer for another year if required.

E Reynolds, Group Treasurer

07547 644 354

E&OE  12/10/2020