Held on 30th November 2020



A Zoom Meeting (virtual meeting conducted via computer link) was held as due to the Coronavirus as it was not possible to hold a normal AGM.

All members were notified of this meeting by email or letter post if the member did not have access to a computer.

A copy of the consolidated Annual Report from the Committee was displayed on the Group Website accessed via the VTTA  National Website and a copy of the report was  posted to members unable to access the website.

There were some problems by some members accessing the Zoom Meeting and some contacted the Chairman the following day and gave their apologies – see below. 


  1. Apologies for Absence

 Derek Hodgins, Mike Roberts, Graham McCullough, Joanna Cebrat


2.  Minutes of the AGM held on 11th November 2019

            The Chairman gave a brief summary of these minutes which were then passed as agreed.


3.  Matters arising

            There were no matters arising from the AGM held in 2019.


4.  The reports from Secretary, Recorder, Treasurer and Newsletter Editor 

These had been published on the Group Website and copies of the reports had also been posted to members without PC access. 



5.  Election of officers for 2020/21


         The following positions were elected unopposed –


President – Jim Ogden

Chairman – Tony Farrell     

Secretary – Nev Ashman

Treasurer – Edgar Reynolds 

Recorder – David Wright    

News Editor – Ken Workman


6.    Elect Committee members

                     No nominations were received for the advertised vacancies.



8.      To elect delegates to:

         (a) National AGM – Tony Farrell, David Wright, Edgar Reynolds.

         (b) CTT – David Wright

         (c) M&DTTA – Ian & Mavis Ross





9          Time Trialling Events


            2020: The planned events had not been held due the coronavirus restrictions. 





   March 20th    10 miles         M&D TTA & VTTA M/c NW Group                                    

   May 22nd      50 miles         Warrington RC & VTTA M/c NW Group                                   

   June 12th        25 miles         Janus RC & VTTA M/c NW Group    

   June 17th        10 miles         Buxton CC/Sett Valley Cycles & VTTA M/c NW Group   

    July 17th         10 miles        Seamons CC & VTTA M/c NW Group                              


10        Any other relevant business


We had been notified that a subscription reminder would be sent out by the VTTA  National IT via email on December 1st. Members without computer access had a postal reminder by the Group Secretary.