The National AGM was held on Zoom on Saturday 23rd January 2021. The agenda, reports and motions had been distributed prior to the meeting. All delegates were enabled to vote on the motions and elections prior to the AGM by completing an online voting form using the Survey Monkey tool. This allowed the results to be presented clearly at the meeting by the National Secretary.

In a close vote Tony Farrell (pictured above) was appointed the new President of the Association. Congratulations to Tony! The current National Executive Committee officials were re-elected. See the details on the website here.

The motion on a name change had been withdrawn prior to the meeting. All other motions proposed by the NEC were passed. The main changes are:

  1. The NEC is restructured to comprise only the officials with specific responsibilities and will be supported by the new National Forum comprising a representative from each of the groups. The National Forum will be consulted on, and may advise on and assist with, significant changes to the Association.
  2. With the successful implementation of the project to automate the results of the season long competitions the regulations were revised to remove the need for claim forms. To participate in the competitions in future, riders must have linked their VTTA and CTT accounts and ‘ticked’ the competitions in which they wish to participate. A sizeable majority of racing members have already done this. If members have not yet linked their accounts, please see the ‘Guidance Note for Linking VTTA and CTT accounts’ in the Documents section here.
  3. Members who wish to participate in National Championships must also have linked their VTTA and CTT accounts. This enables the championship organisers to validate members on the CTT entry list for championships.

Jon Fairclough gave a presentation on the proposal to automate claims for standard medals. There was a very large majority in support of this proposal but further work is need to confirm a specification with the Groups and to decide on how the project will be funded. These points will be addressed via the National Forum.

The Chairman gave a presentation on VTTA membership amongst all time triallists over 40 competing in CTT open events. This was based on CTT data on riders who have competed in at least one open time trial in the last two years. (It was noted that we could not identify riders who have only competed occasionally in this period). The data showed that while the VTTA is strongly represented amongst riders over 60 years of age, only 40% of 50-59 year old and only 20% of 40-49 year old riders were VTTA members. There was a discussion on the reasons why this may be the case and a recognition that the VTTA needs to do more to recruit younger vets. It would also be advantageous to the CTT in terms of encouraging greater participation in the sport.

Feedback after the meeting from the delegates showed that despite the limitations of meeting online we had held a successful and effective AGM.