Kudos to all who managed to keep their fitness and manage to squeeze in some events (in some cases quite a few!) once open competitions resumed in late July.

Season-long competitions  David Shepherd topped the VTTA National BAR, and Angela Carpenter, the Short-Distance competition, in which ..a3crg are 1st club and Wessex  3rd group. However, no actual awards will be made this year.

Results for season-long competitions are now linked directly to CTT results, which should make things easier for me.  However this only works once our members have individually linked their accounts, so some have to be input manually.   It does not appear from results submitted, that any member qualified for the Wessex Short-Distance BAR over 2X10’s, 2X25’s and one 50.

National age records  Despite the much reduced number of events, Angela Carpenter set a VTTA National 10 age 51 record of 20.46, and David Shepherd set a new 12hr age 59 record of 293.76.

New Wessex member Trixie Bumblebarrow set no less than four National age records during 2020.  Who is Trixie?  She’s Norman and Mary’s tandem trike! (with a little help from Norman and Mary!) – three 10 mile records, ending up with 28:48, & 25 miles 1:15:47)

Group records – in addition to the above, Angela set a group 25 record of 54:58, and David set records at 50 miles 1:44:01 and 100 miles 3:42:09. Neil Mackley set an age 57 25 record of 51:38 and a 10 record of 20:05, and Terry Icke 22:44 at age 76, and Sarah Matthews set age 60 records at 10 miles 23.39 and 25 miles 1.2.25.

VTTA National Championships.  Angela successfully defended her 10-mile and 25-mile National VTTA titles.  In the 10-mile she also led ..a3crg team-mates Neil Mackley and David Shepherd to the club team and group championship for Wessex.

CTT National Championships   Angela was 1st vet and 9th overall in the women’s National 25, and Neil Mackley won his 55-59 age group.  Other CTT Championship age group winners were:-  National 10 - Angela Carpenter.  National closed circuit Champs Thruxton: Angela Carpenter, Neil Mackley, Terry Icke   National circuit champs:  Angela Carpenter, James Fawcett and Neil Mackley

David Shepherd placed 10th in the CTT BBAR.  26.777mph

Wessex 10-mile champs

  • 1st James Fawcett  ..a3crg  20:26 +6:41
  • 2nd Terry Icke  VC St Raphael 23:59 +6:14
  • 3rd  David Butt  CC Weymouth 23:07 +5:14
  • 1st Tandem Norman & Mary (tandem trike) 28:48 + 6:27

Standard awards    4 members claimed 6 standard awards between them. Including Kevin Munt at 12hrs.