VTTA Wessex Group

Membership Secretary’s Report 2020

The majority of members now renew by means of the National online membership system (NOMS) and virtually all new members use that method.

The system is now closely linked with the CTT web so that results are automatically logged into our national competitions. All members should link their VTTA and CTT accounts as described in an earlier email.

As I stated last year the NOMS has many good features but it has not eliminated the need for me to keep an independent record of all transactions.


Our membership has declined slightly, early in the year due to the virus the rate of renewals was very low but this picked up when “virtual racing” got under way which produced a surge of new members.

The statistics are :-

Total members 152 (157 in 2019). 23 new members (20 in 2019).  2 pairs of joint members.

25 HLM’s (but this figure is approximate as we have lost contact with some of the older members)

One LM and one DLM.

13 female of whom 8 competed

Barrington Day, Brian Hygate and Norman Harvey (all over 80 years old raced when conditions allowed)

Norman Harvey

Wessex Group Membership Secretary

November 2020