2021 Season Long Competitions Results (SLC) are showing on the website at https://www.vtta.org.uk/competition-results?competition_type=3&year=2021

If you have linked your VTTA and CTT accounts, your results for SLC qualifying events should be there. Note that results are taken from the CTT website so are dependent on when the organiser loads the results - so there can be a delay after an event.

If your results are not showing, check you are linked by reviewing your member profile. If you are linked but one or more of your results is not showing, contact your group recorder, providing them with details of the event and your result. If you are not linked, please link if you want your results included. Only results from the date you linked will be included automatically. If you have results before your date of linking, send details of the event and your result to your group recorder. 

If you let your membership lapse and have rejoined, your link will have been lost and you must relink.

If you are not linked but have been linked in the past and have never let your membership lapse, please inform the IT Manager.

Scottish Cycling results must be uploaded manually - please contact the Scottish group recorder with details of the event and your result.

For details on how to link - see the Guidance Note at VTTA - Veterans Time Trials Association - Information

The SLC display was delayed in 2021 due to the need to solve a technical problem related to account linking but is now working. Normally results will be displayed from the start of the season.