Few would have thought that the staging of the National and VTTA 24 hour Championship would coincide with possibly the hottest weekend of the year. An initial start sheet of 67 riders, including two tandem pairs, was whittled down to 57 starters by start time Saturday. By 2.00 Sunday there were 37 finishers including 17 members of VTTA.

A stunning ride from Christina Murray, Scotland, of 490.28 miles gave her an outstanding first place on Standard with a plus of 161.41 miles. Her distance in the event updates her previous age record set two years ago. Only by comparing Christina’s ride with those of the men vets can her performance be fully appreciated. Christina wins the Women’s Championship.

Andy Rivett of the Wessex group took second on Standard with a plus of 125.02 (479.76 miles). Andy won the Men’s Championship, followed by Doug Hart +112.42 miles and Nigel Briggs +95.31 miles.

Excellent rides from the Dulwich Paragon trio of Hector Kidd, Jamie Baskerville and Samuel Crossley earned them the club championship with a combined plus of +158.55 miles.

Yorkshire Group garnered the Group team award with an impressive counting ride of 470.11 miles from Doug Hart (plus of 112.42)  well supported by Sean Sanders, +86.23 and Stacey Stump, +58.45 for a comfortable win with a plus of 257.10 miles.  

Credit must go to all finishers performing in such conditions. The ride by Chris Goode must be mentioned for he was forced to change his pedals and wear training shoes for the last hours. Apart from a muscle strain he was more than happy with is performance.

Rider Age Club Group Plus Distance Men Women
Christina Murray 44 Army Cycling Scotland +161.41 490.28   1
Andrew Rivett 49 Velo Club St Raphael Wessex +125.02 479.76 1  
Doug Hart 48 Ilkley CC Yorkshire +112.42 470.11 2  
Nigel Briggs 60 South Pennine RC Notts & East Mids +95.31 412.97 3  
Sean Sanders 51 Drighlington BC Yorkshire +86.23 434.89 4  
Chris Hopkinson 53 Team Hoppo  Wessex +84.11 426.44 5  
David Greenwood 56 Rye & District Wheelers CC Kent +82.97 415.24 6  
Paul Russell 54 Springfield Financial RT North Lancs & Lakes +82.88 421.93 7  
Jamie Baskerville  44 Dulwich Paragon CC London & HC +79.68 448.73 8  
Hector Kidds 44 Dulwich Paragon CC London & HC +70.35 439.40 9  
Stacey Stump 53 York Cycleworks Yorkshire +58.45 400.78 10  
Jez Willows 56 Sherwood CC Notts & East Mids +50.37 382.64 11  
John Golder 68 Chelmer CC East Anglian +44.93 328.44 12  
Richard Walker 54 VTTA (North Midlands) North Midlands +28.86 367.91 13  
Samuel Crossley 43 Dulwich Paragon CC London & HC +8.52 380.32 14  
Chris Goode 55 Yorkshire Coast Clarion CC Yorkshire -6.96 328.74 15  
Robert Finch 63 Arctic Aircon RT Merseyside -38.55 267.13 16  
Angus Swanson 53 Flying Kippers Scotland   dnf    
Bob Richards 63 Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA West   dnf    
Greg Elwell 47 Halifax Imperial Wheelers Yorkshire   dnf    
Joanna Cebrat 42 Bury Clarion CC Manchester & NW   dnsa    
John Hassall 76 Bossard Whs London & HC   dnsa    
Nigel Brooks 67 Flying Kippers Scotland   dnf    
Rebecca Wilson 56 Rye & District Wheelers CC Surrey/Sussex   dnf    
Rob Rix 73 Southport CC North Lancs & Lakes   dnf    
Robert Bullyment 48 Chelmer CC East Anglian   dnsa    
Russell Kesley 51 Team Hoppo  London & HC   dnsa