Results for the first Zwift TT league race  23/09/21.

                                             Time          Plus

Susan Semple                 24.30           5.24

Andrew Simpkins           23.53           4.56

Simon Adcook                21.53            4.43

Alastair Semple              23.57            3.15

Rob Kennard                  25.23             2.01

Graeme Findlay              25.48

  Steve Jenks                      DNF

Close packing for the top three with a very good actual time from Simon Adcook who took third equal overall out of 29 finishers. Overall winner on standard is Sue Semple who overtook me at 3.5W/kg at about 3 miles. On a personal note, I was quite ‘happy’ holding 3W/kg  but decided to pull out at half way with a bit of trouble breathing having felt a bit asthmatic in the week (also very hot and sweaty) so erred on the side of caution.  It would be nice to see a few more entered next week  - I’m hoping for around a dozen to make it a bit more competitive. Many thanks to those who rode – see you next week.