VTTA Wessex Group

Membership Secretary’s Report 2021

Due to some uncertainty about Covid, renewals were rather hesitant early on, however we ended the year only slightly down on 2020.Total “active” members 146 (152 in 2020).  “Active” includes all whose membership is valid, although this number is probably inflated due to some long- standing members being unknown.                                                                                                                                                                                                    The breakdown is approximately: - DLM 1; LM 1; HLM 21 Joint membership 2 (couples).                                                                                        There were 19 females although only a few of those raced.

One disappointing statistic shows that there were 62 lapsed.  These were recent members who did not renew membership during 2021.

Brian (Sid) Hygate and Norman Harvey were the only “over 80’s” who raced during the year.

Dick Evans, Dave Hanbury and Ken Parmenter sadly passed the final timekeeper during the year.

Most members now renew using the on-line system and all new members join by this method.

The system is now working well although still being tweaked in a number of ways which only affect the administrators. Recently we were asked to “unlink and delete the emails addresses of all deceased and resigned members”                                                                                                          As we had 31 in these categories and each had to be actioned individually this was quite a task, especially because I could not perform this edit in two cases. After several emails to and from the IT manager the problem was resolved. The two cases did not have a telephone number and the system could not be amended without one so a dummy was entered - bingo!  IT has its problems.

Norman Harvey

Wessex Group Membership Secretary

December 2021