After two fallow years the Group were able to stage the Annual Lunch and award ceremony at the Masonic Hall, Middlewich. This venue has been useed for over thirty years and it was good to see that Liz and Dave had survived the lockdown.

Equally pleasing was the fact that our caterer, Kath Bell, was able to serve up her traditional Christmas lunch which she has done for over 35 years.

Disappointingly, but expectedly, attendance was down quite significantly on previous years. due  in part to thge sad passing of a nunmber of members but also the Covid averse issues faced by other Group members.

Low on attendance or not, feedback indicates people enjoyed themselves, due in part to the idiosyncratic raffle presentation by Derek of the Hodgins family. Ken Workman provided a challenging quiz based mainly in a nostalgic context both verbally and picture wise.

In fact he was able to include no less than six questions/pictures of his hero, Alf Engers, across the years.

 The majority of awards were garnered by the Seamon's duo of Alan Chorley and Ade Hughes, with the former taking the bulk of our competitions.

Both have had good seasons, as witnessed in David Wright's detailed report, both achieving impressive Age Records. Ade's 100 mile result was exceptional.

ian Peacock chose to present the Lamp Trophy, an impressive origional cycle lamp from 1905, with an interesting story of its provenance.

A much sought after trophy for the lowest placed Group member in the National BAR, was awarded to Ronan O'Cualain

The future of the lunch and the venue is shrouded in doubt at this moment. Would a more modern venue attract the younger age group? Whilst the caterer, Kath, is modifying her business approach.

Whatever the outcome, there will many fond memories of past luncheons and ,hopefully, more to come.