On Tuesday 14th July we put live a major new facility on the website which allows VTTA members to link their CTT and VTTA accounts. This has two major advantages for members:

  1. It enables any CTT event organiser to verify that you are a paid up VTTA member.  This is beneficial for any events which are preference to VTTA members especially VTTA national championships. 
  2. It allows VTTA to 'harvest' your results from the CTT system and to automatically compile the season long competition results; you can then view these competitions as they unfold during the season and you no longer have to submit an end of season claim form

A newsletter explaining the changes and including a guidance note on how to link your accounts was sent to all members on 14th July.

If you need to view the Linking Accounts guidance note you can do so here in our Documents section

Note on Joint Accounts

We had some queries regarding how to link joint membership accounts so we have sent a supplemetary email to all primary account holders. Joint accounts have to be managed by the primary member as follows:

  • Each joint member gets their CTT number and Verification Code from the CTT website
  • The primary joint member (the owner of the email address and password) logs in at the VTTA website (or registers if not logged in before, saying they are an existing member)
  • The primary joint member checks the profile viewed belongs to them personally, and then links their CTT account entering their CTT number and verification code
  • The primary joint member then switches to view the profile of the secondary joint member
  • The secondary joint member then links their CTT account entering their CTT number and verification code.

It is important to follow this procedure to ensure the CTT accounts and VTTA member records are linked correctly. Note secondary members cannot login and/or register at the VTTA site to link their CTT account; they must link through the primary members account as explained above.

Note on Smartphones

On a smartphone login at www.ctt.org.uk and scroll down to where it lists your PBs and click on (the second) My Profile. “VTTA” appears in the dropdown as the last item on the list. Select that and it will show your verification code if you are not linked (and your VTTA account number if you are linked already).