Joining the VTTA is easy through our online application and payment process.

You can also apply by post (see further below)

Membership runs from 1st January to 31st December. If you join or renew after 1st October and before 1st January your membership period will be taken to the end of the following year.

1. New Members - Online Applications

First select your Regional Group - See the Groups Explained page here. Having chosen a Group then to join please click HERE.

The National Membership Secretary will send you a welcome pack which includes a copy of the latest Veteran magazine and the current Handbook.

Also once you have joined, please link your VTTA and CTT accounts so your VTTA membership is known to CTT event organisers and so that you can be automatically included in our season long competitions. This only takes a couple of minutes - see the Guidance Note on how to do this in the Documents section here

2. Current Members - Online Registration and Renewal

If you are a current member and have not previously registered on the online system so you can make renewal payments, then please click HERE.

Once you have registered then to renew please click HERE.

Notes on using the online system:

  • If you are a new member you will be asked to enter your full details. If you are an existing member, the system will already hold your membership record and will ask you to confirm your details.  
  • You can make a card payment for the membership fee for your chosen group. You may add a payment to compete for standards awards and any donation to the VTTA. If you are a couple applying for joint membership you may add details for the second member as you go through this process. Your card payment will be processed securely. We include a £1 admin fee for card payments.
  • You are asked to accept our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.
  • Once you have registered, if you access the website again your name will appear in the top right corner and if you click here you will have the options to view and edit your personal details etc. If your name does not appear (for example because you are using a different device or have signed out) then click on the Login button to enter your email and password.
  • For screen-by-screen guidance on using the online  system see the guide for members in the Documents area

3. New Member Postal Applications and Postal Renewals

This involves three steps:

i) Download the Membership Form - select the form here either:

  • National Membership Form (in Word)
  • National Membership Form (in pdf)
  • Scottish Group membership Form 

ii) Complete the Membership Form - please provide all details requested

iii) Send the Form with a cheque for the appropriate membership fee to the Secretary of the group of your choice.

iv) The Group Secretary will confirm your application and send you details about the Group.

The National Membership Secretary will send you a welcome pack which includes a copy of the latest Veteran magazine and the current Handbook.

4. Changing Groups

You can change groups after joining. See the article on groups for the process.