CTT Online Entry System


The CTT online entry system provides a convenient way to enter events without having to post entry forms with cheques. The option to make online entry available for an event is at the discretion of Individual event organisers although most now choose to do so.

To use the system you need to register on the CTT site - www.ctt.org.uk.

For 2018 our intention is to provide a link from our VTTA events list on this website to the relevant entry page on the CTT site (if the event offers online entry).

The CTT has made specific provision for identifying users of the online system who are VTTA members. This is very helpful to the organisers of VTTA events where preference on entry is given to VTTA members.

Recording your VTTA details on the CTT Online Entry System

Once you are registered on  the CTT sytem you can supply your VTTA details as follows:

  1. Click on your user name icon (top left) and then click ‘My Dashboard’
  2. Then Click on ‘Settings’ (far right in middle of page)
  3. The under ‘My Details’ you will see an option ‘VTTA Details’
  4. Tick the ‘I am a VTTA member’ box and enter your Group
  5. Membership number - you may not know your membership number in which case leave blank. It is shown on the postage label of your copy of the Veteran or it can be obtained from your Group officials e.g. Secretary or Membership Secretary.