The Vets Northern All Comers Closed Circuit Championship, over 10 miles, has become a regular on the calendar at the Croft Motor Racing Circuit, near Darlington. Under the expert supervision of Gavin Russell (Cleveland Coureurs) was his usual large team of helpers from VTTA North Group and clubs affiliated to CTT Teesside DC and they ensured proceedings ran flawlessly. In this third running of the championship a daytime date in October was not available so with some trepidation beforehand it was held on the evening of Wednesday 21 June, following a 'Come and Try It' event. The concerns that riders would be reluctant to travel for an evening event were unfounded with 89 vet entrants (65 in 2021, 72 in 2022).

VTTA medals were awarded as follows:

Women Road Bikes (6 entrants / 6 finishers)

1 Deborah Capewell Team Ohten Aveas 24:16 AAT

28:18 actual

2 Teri Bayliss Reifen Racing 23:32 AAT

27:23 actual

3 Sarah Minto North Tyneside Riders 25:51 AAT

28:23 actual


Women TT Bikes (11 entrants, 9 finishers)

1 Lucia Borradaile CC Weymouth 21:27 AAT

26:36 actual

2 Caroline Ratcliffe Ferryhill Whs 22:23 AAT

26:32 actual

3 Kate Sanderson Cleveland Whs 22:48 AAT

26:36 actual


Men Road Bikes (20 entrants / 18 finishers)

1 Shaun Tyson Protech Velo 21:34 AAT

22:29 actual

2 Kenny McLellan Reifen Racing 22:38 AAT

23:28 actual

3 John Flanagan Moonglu CC 22:42 AAT

24:49 actual


Men TT Bikes (52 entrants / 43 finishers)

1 Richard Oakes Team Ohten Aveas 19:04 AAT

20:10 actual

2 Russ Richardson Zurbaran Racing 20:04 AAT

22:37 actual

3 Marcel Schubert Darlington CC 20:18 AAT

20:22 actual


The full result will be published in the September Veteran magazine.

Thanks to James Murray Photography for images.