The Group has sadly lost another two members Roy Deakin and Kath Biddulph passing on in the last few weeks.

Jim Ogden has kindly put some words together for this note in advance of more detailed obituaries at a later date.

Kath Biddulph:  

07/08/1935   died November 2020

Kath,an HLM, was known to Jim since the 1950s when he joined Stone Whlrs _ she together with her husband Ken were life members.

Kath was never a racing member but the principal catering member weekly at their clubhouse and at their event HQs.

It is in this role that she will ever best remembered by Group members. Together with Anne Palk she provided refreshment at so many of our events.

Kath was the supplier of the many delicious cakes available at Group events.

Older members might well remember her husband, Ken, who set many a Group Age Record in the 1970/80s at 10, 25, 30 and 50 miles.

Kath had no local family or relatives and often spent time with her niece in Aberdeen.

Kath, and her cakes, will be sadly missed when, if, we ever get back to racing again.


      Geoffrey Roy Deakin

26.12.1943 …. 4.11.2020


Roy will be remembered by the Group Committee as the quiet, unassuming gentle person from Nth Staffs Whlrs. The same person who took on the promotion of the Group’s annual 10 ml event, including on one occasion, the VTTA National event.

Roy proved to be a first class promoter over several years as he continued organising the events despite course changes, traffic issues and a myriad of farm related problems, each dealt with in a seemingly effortless manner.

It was only at his funeral, held at Birches Crem on 23 November, that I found out he was a bank manager.

In cycling he was a member of Lyme RC and competed across all distances including a 24 Hr.

With his wife Joan holidays were spent cycle touring in Britain and on the continent whilst he also engaged in his hobby of photography examples of which were displayed at his funeral.

Roy also rode a trike and friends would recall that such was his skill he could descend faster than they on their singles.

Joan and he took part in 2 Up events, unfortunately curtailed when Joan was struck by a car suffering serious injury. On a positive note Joan made a full recovery and returned to time trialing.

Being a member of the Cape Wrath Fellowship is in itself achievement but not many cyclists can also include walking to Everest Base Camp on their palmares.

On a lighter note, Roy was a founder member of the Scone Whlrs, a group of like minded cyclists who twice weekly met up for a ride always including scones and drinks.

The majority of Roy’s club life was before the introduction and acquisition of

of motorised transport and weekends were spent touring and racing using the network of YHA accommodation.

Appropriately the service was full for his funeral.

Those lucky enough to have known him will recall him as a quiet, smiling gentle person long to be remembered.


Our condolences go to their family and friends.