2018 Rocco 25

Two women riders in the first three!

2018 London and Home Counties Group Luncheon

Guest of Honour, Michael Broadwith, enthralled the gathering

Jan Richardson


Reg Higgins - A Real Cyclist

An Individualist

2019 L&HC (F11/10m) Time Trial 6th May

Mark Vowells BOS on his Trike - Angela Carpenter WBOS - No sliproad DNFs

2019 L&HC Don Byham Memorial 10m (F11/10) 6th May

Don Byham Memorial 'winner' is Geir Robinson

2019 Rocco 25 Start List

The 8th anniversay of the Rocco Memorial

LHC Age Records Historical Update

LHC Age Records Historical Update

LHC Age Records 2020 Update Tandems

A notable number of Tandem records notifications

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