The VTTA has identified four key values to support its ethos of fair competition and inclusivity:

    • A level playing field for all
    • Health and fitness of our members
    • Recognising  & rewarding achievement
    • Local events & national competitions


At the National Forum in February 2022 these values were articulated as follows:


A level playing field for all

  • Standards (or Veterans Handicap) are a set of target times for each distance which take into account a rider's age, gender and type of machine.
  • Standards allow all over 40s to compete in time trials on a ‘level playing field’
  • By comparing performances against their target time, rather than actual time, Standards provide fair competition for all ages over 40 and both men and women.
  • Standards are rigorously and regularly reviewed to keep them fair, challenging and achievable.


Health, wellbeing and fitness

The VTTA contributes to the health and wellbeing of the membership in a variety of ways:

  • The act of cycling is a factor in the well being and health of many people regardless of age
  • The competitive element of the VTTA gives many the opportunity and incentive to maintain a very active lifestyle well into advancing years
  • There are significant examples where cycling is a social prescription within the NHS
  • For non-riding/non-competitive members, supporting local and national events offers the opportunity for engagement and social interaction providing an important stimulus for mental health


Recognising and rewarding achievement

‘Recognition and reward’ is a VTTA hallmark constantly reinforced through Group and National activities.  Our aim is to encourage everyone to take part, be healthier and to achieve the most for themselves and their club and group teams

  • Standards provide personal competition encouraging riders to improve year on year regardless of age
  • Awards are offered for outstanding cycling performances in national championships and season long competitions
  • A database of age records is maintained at national and group level
  • Recognition is made of members’ non-cycling contributions to the association at Group and National level


Local Events & National Competitions

We deliver local events and national competitions through a cohesive network of sixteen Groups across mainland UK.  We continually invest in competition design, communication through technology and social media and organisational networking through forums and working groups, for example:

  • Continuing investment in the website allows members to see their results in real time including Standards performance, and season long National competitions are always up to date.
  • VTTA has established two closed circuit events in the north and south for regional competition
  • A National Forum of Group representatives meets regularly to develop ideas that are integrated across the VTTA